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BROCK grain silo

BROCK grain silo

Capacity up to <br> 33 500 t

Capacity up to
33 500 t

Quality <br> ventilation


Durability up to<br> 50 years

Durability up to
50 years

BROCK grain silos offer a very wide range
of sizes and volumes.

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BROCK grain silo

BROCK EVEREST galvanized silo - the largest grain silo on the market!

Storing crops after harvest in good-quality warehouses positively impacts their subsequent monetization. For this reason, we supply our post-harvest lines with American BROCK galvanized corrugated sheet silos, which offer an extensive range of sizes and volumes. Based on the growing global demand for storing ever-larger quantities of commodity stocks, a new silo model, EVEREST, has been developed. Thanks to its innovative design, BROCK silos can be up to 40 rings high and 47.6m in diameter. These are the highest values on the market, proving the uniqueness of this technology.

All BROCK grain silos imported to the European market are constructed according to the requirements and demands specified by the so-called Eurocode 3 and can be covered by risk insurance.

  • silo construction according to Eurocodes
  • fast construction 
  • quality ventilation
  • exceptional strength of side plates
  • reinforced roof structure
  • optimised design of side bracing
  • capacity 100 to 33 500 t
  • diameter from 4.5 to 47.6 m
  • height of the cylindrical section up to 32.5 m
  • service life up to 50 years
  • hot-dip galvanised - 275 g/m2 as standard, 450 g/m2 as option
  • Convenient access to the silo through a 1.7 m high door

Unique silo design allowed for larger dimensions

BROCK EVEREST silos have cleverly designed joints - screws with integrated washers not only ensure fast construction but also prevent water penetration from the outside. The sheets are reinforced externally and internally and hot-dip galvanized (275 g/m2 as standard, up to 450 g/m2 on request). The silos can be emptied very easily and efficiently thanks to lateral gravity discharge, i.e. no power consumption by gravity alone.

The extreme height of the silo also generates extreme pressure on the grating panels and their supports. The patented TRI-CORR grating shape with reinforcing ribs combined with PARTHENON supports exhibits very high strength and durability even at the highest specific pressures generated by the grain column. The design of the cylindrical part of the silo and the roof allows up to an extreme load of 59,000 kg at the silo tip. For the record, the largest BROCK silo to date was built in the USA, near Chicago, Illinois. It has a diameter of 47.6 m and can store 33,000 tonnes of grain.


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Roof: the innovative roof design allows for extreme loads at the top of the silo.

Inspection holes: Easy access to the silo is provided by a 1.7 m high entrance door at the bottom of the silo and a spacious inspection entrance to the roof of the silo.

Pick-up auger: A time-tested design for mechanized pick-up of residual material.

Footbridges: Wide fixed footbridges provide easy and safe access to conveying technology and inspection openings.

Stairs: Optional roof and spiral staircases for convenient access to inspection openings and gangways. Equipped with handrails and resting platforms.

Automation with weather station: Silos are equipped with automation with weather station to trigger ventilation depending on outside temperature, humidity, and time. 

Eave Vent Kit: Vents around the entire perimeter of the silo roof, without the need for additional holes in the roof, minimizing the possibility of leakage into the silo. In combination with the roof anti-condensation fan, it ensures ideal airflow through the roof

Roof vents: are an alternative to the Eave Vent Kit. They ensure optimum airflow. They prevent water and birds from entering the silo.

Ventilated floor: Provides perfect conditions for ventilation. Floor perforations are also in rape design. The TRI-CORR grid system and PARTHENON supports provide exceptional floor strength.

Thermocouples: Suspended temperature sensing thermometer cables are located in the interior of the silo. The sensors are spaced at 1-1.5 m intervals to ensure that the entire height of the silo is recorded.




Sizes of BROCK bins


Diameter (m) 4,6 5,5 6,4 7,3 8,2
Number of rings 7–22 7–26 7–30 7–35 7–39
Volume (m3) 99–296 145–505 199–793 264–1208 338–1705
Total height (m) 7,16–22,62 7,99–22,62 7,44–26,12 7,71–30,45 7,96–33,99


Diameter (m) 9,1 10,1 11 12,8 14,6
Number of rings 7–40 7–40 7–40 8–40 8–40
Volume (m3) 423–2163 518–2624 624–3130 973–4282 1298–5620
Total height (m) 8,23–35,05 8,50–35,33 8,75–35,57 10,12–36,12 10,30–36,63


Diameter (m) 16,5 18,3 22,00 22,9 23,8
Number of rings 8–40 8–40 8–40 9–40 10–40
Volume (m3) 1677–7148 2113–8867 3163–12891 3795–14021 4497–15201
Total height (m) 10,82–36,82 11,25–37,25 12,28–38,31 13,23–38,44 14,30–38,68


Diameter (m) 27,4 32 40,2 47,6
Number of rings 13–40 12–40 18–36 18–25
Volume (m3) 7601–20428 1002–28127 22873–41263 33083–43073
Total height (m) 17,08–39,75 18,29–41,06 25,58–40,21 27,69–33,38


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