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RenoFarma Troubky, a.s. Troubky, 2019, 2023

RenoFarma Troubky, a.s. Troubky, 2019, 2023


RenoFarma Troubky, a.s., Troubky, 2019

Technologies supplied

  • RUBERG RVS 100 grain cleaner with an output of 100 t/h
  • SKANDIA conveyors and SØBY 100 t/h grain pump
  • BROCK silo with a total capacity of 12 000 t
  • Dispatch bins
  • Pawlica TruckScale road bridge scale
  • Grain dryer STELA GDB-TN 1/9 S, drying with waste heat from biogas plant combined with MAXON gas burner
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Second phase 2023

  • 4x BROCK EVEREST silo type E - 03024 with a capacity of 4 115 t
  • Increase in storage capacity to a total of 16,115t.
  • The conveyor routes are extended with Skandia Industry series conveyors with a capacity of 100 t/h.
  • SØBY SG100 grain pump
  • The steel structures and footbridges are made by our company AGE s.r.o.

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