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Receiving hall, <br>expedition, weighing

Receiving hall,
expedition, weighing

High <br>receive power

receive power

Weighing<br> trucks up to 60 t

trucks up to 60 t



PAWLICA's post-harvest technologies make it easier for you to receive and dispatch cereals and other grains.

Receiving hall, dispatch, weighing

Fast receipt and dispatch of your grain

Older post-harvest lines often face the problem of underperforming intakes, which slows down and complicates harvests. With our help, however, your line's reception can be increased several times over by installing a new reception basket. The transport of material from the intake is solved by SKANDIA conveyors. The intake capacity is most often between 40 and 250 t/h, but can be higher. At the customer's request, we can also install two receiving baskets in one post-harvest line, each for a different type of material. For dispatching or as intermediate handling bins to compensate for the different performance of the transport routes between the processes of the post-harvest line, we use accumulation and dispatch bins of Czech steel construction. Their volume ranges between 30 and 60 t and the underpass height is 4.5 m. The dispatch hoppers can be equipped with strain gauge weighing. An alternative option is to install a PAWLICA TruckScale road bridge scale with a weighing capacity of up to 60 t.

  • intake capacity 40 - 250 t/h
  • residue-free intake
  • long service life
  • shipping containers with a capacity of 30 - 60 t
  • tensometric weighing option
  • possibility of weighing trucks up to 60 t


Experience proven by years of practice has shown that it is very advantageous to combine part of the reception and dispatch in one hall. Input and output of the commodity is nicely controlled in one place, and at the same time we often save the amount of overflow and transport routes.


We offer three variants of scales for receiving and loading grain. The first variant is the JESMA flow-through scale, which is designed for continuous weighing of large volumes of grain and bulk materials to achieve high operational reliability and accuracy with certification for commercial purposes. The second variant is the PAWLICA TruckScale road bridge scale, most commonly used on farms in a recessed design, aligned with the surrounding terrain. The usual size for farms is 3 x 18 m with a weighing capacity of up to 60 t. A third alternative to weighing at loading is the use of strain gauge scales on dispatch stock

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