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Industrial dryers STELA

Industrial dryers STELA

Modern <br>design


Record low<br> energy consumption

Record low
energy consumption

Possibility of using<br>waste heat

Possibility of using
waste heat

STELA industrial dryers allow you to efficiently dry materials
such as digestate, sawdust, wood chips or sewage sludge.

Models in our offer Reference
Industrial dryers STELA

STELA industrial dryers for efficient drying of various materials

The STELA BT, PBT, BTL belt dryers, and the German-made BTM mobile dryers are among the most modern and powerful on the market. They are distinguished by their unrivaled low energy consumption, high performance, friendliness to the dried material, and long service life. They are mainly designed for drying products such as sewage sludge, wood chips, digestate, sawdust, or residues. However, they can also dry traditional agricultural crops. They can dry products (except dust) up to the G50 fraction, all bulk products as well as liquid products (with a dry matter content of at least 4%).

  • turnkey delivery
  • record low energy consumption - up to 20%
  • perfect heat recovery and soundproofing
  • high performance
  • all dryers can be implemented according to the size of the project with belt widths of 2m, 3m, 6.2m, 8.4m.
  • one dryer can have one or more drying tunnels with one belt
  • the ability to dry virtually any quantity of raw material by placing one or more dryers side by side or on top of each other
  • drying of agricultural crops
  • drying of wood chips
  • sawdust and digestate drying
  • drying of sewage sludge
  • manual or automatic operation
  • remote control and management (internet, mobile phone)

Models in our offer

All design and production are carried out in Germany (Stela Laxhuber GmbH). PAWLICA s.r.o. provides in the countries where it is represented: sales, assembly, commissioning, warranty, and after warranty service.

BTU RECUDRY® belt dryer with heat recovery

The RecuDry® system divides the technology into two drying areas: the Recu Module and the Condensing Module.

In the Recu module, the drying air is optimally saturated by circulation and reheating.
Part of this high-energy circulating air is directed to the condensing module.
The contained - mainly latent - energy preheats the fresh air for the condensing module. By using an air-to-air heat exchanger, a large part of the energy used is thus utilized, guaranteeing highly efficient drying. The heat recovery during the drying process means savings in heat supply and thus in the customer's operating costs. Savings in heat supply for the dryer can be realized in two stages:

  • Recirculation = reuse for drying of the waste heat from the dryer, including the recovered moisture from the drying process.
  • Recuperation = RecuDry system (recirculation + removal of waste air from the dryer before re-use).
  • for drying for even lower specific heat consumption than "only" recirculation)
  • Option to order a dryer without recirculation or heat recovery
  • Energy savings of 35-55%, depending on the drying surface used
  • Possibility to convert existing equipment to RecuDry®
  • RecuDry® can be installed on BTL, BT, and PBT dryers (even on BTM mobile dryers)


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