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ZZN Pelhřimov a.s., Bošilec 2023

ZZN Pelhřimov a.s., Bošilec 2023


AGRO – Měřín, a.s, Stránecká Zhoř, 2023

Technologies supplied

  • 8x storage silos BROCK Everest series E-04220, ø 12,8 m, h=19,9 m and total volume 13.815 t
  • 1x BROCK storage tank, ø 6.4 m, h=20.2 m
  • 32x power cable, 4 pcs/silo
  • Dryer STELA GDB-TN 1/9-S (9 deck design primarily for cereals, but can also dry corn)
  • Conveyors Skandia H-100/h, there are double paths, this allows a capacity of 200 t/h
  • Grain cleaner GEBR.RUBERG RVS 100
  • Grain pre-cleaner GEBR.RUBERG RUV 100 - V2
  • 4x dispatch hopper, 4.0 x 4.0 m, h= 8.7 m (on customer's request, the waste is collected in an underpass hopper, two first hoppers with 60° hopper and two dispatch hoppers with 45° hopper, which are in the rear part) The hoppers are in closed design, i.e. dust-free. Filled by chain conveyor. The dispatch hopper is of the standardised design with 42 m3, i.e. 33 t of wheat 29 t of barley.
  • 2x receiving bins in a residue-free design each receiving bin can hold up to 75 t of commodity in wheat or maize
  • Fire protection system

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