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Grain silos and bins

Grain silos and bins

Wide<br> range of models

range of models

Long <br>lifetime


Reliable<br> ventilation


We have already built grain silos for you with a capacity of over 1,000,000 tonnes.

Grain silos and bins

Planning to expand your grain storage?

Quality galvanized grain silos for every farm!

Harvested grain requires quality storage. Storage facilities must provide optimal conditions for the grain to prevent it from being spoiled by mold or pests. So rely on the high-quality grain silos we have been supplying to farmers in the Czech Republic for more than 20 years. Our galvanized storage silos meet Eurocode specifications and as such do not need additional calculations for the European market. Steel grain silos are designed for both short and long-term storage.

  • turnkey delivery
  • high variability of dimensions 
  • quality construction
  • long service life
  • efficient ventilation system
  • local control software
  • wide range of optional extras
  • optimum storage conditions 


Storing crops after harvest in good quality warehouses has a positive impact on their subsequent monetization. Therefore, a farm with quality silos is always at a financial advantage. If you are looking for a suitable silo with a flat bottom for your business, then you will certainly be interested in our offer. For those interested in smaller-sized models, we have galvanized grain silos from the Polish manufacturer BIN, which are an excellent choice for storing the harvest in silos of smaller and medium capacity. For larger post-harvest lines, we supply American BROCK galvanized corrugated metal grain silos, which offer a very wide range of sizes and volumes.


For our post-harvest lines we supply American galvanized BROCK grain silos with cone hoppers. These bins are designed for short-term storage. They can also act as handling bins in a variety of processes. The cone hopper can also be fitted with a ventilation system suitable for storing rapeseed and other small seeds.


In order to be able to talk about truly high-quality long-term storage, sufficient ventilation must be ensured in the silo. Ventilation in our grain silos is provided by means of a full-roof floor or ventilation ducts that are routed in the silo base plate and their shape is precisely designed according to the ventilation requirements. A very effective ventilation element in BROCK silos is the so-called "Eave Vent Kit". This is a vent around the entire perimeter of the silo roof, instead of the commonly used vent stacks on the silo roof. The air supply itself is provided by high-pressure radial fans of Czech manufacture.


For dispatching or as intermediate handling hoppers to compensate for the different performance of transport routes between the processes of the post-harvest line, we use accumulation and dispatch hoppers of Czech manufacture. The hoppers are of steel construction, square shape with a needle hopper. Thanks to the variability of these constructions, we can design the optimal size.


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