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AGE multi-purpose halls

AGE multi-purpose halls

Made in the <br>Czech Republic

Made in the
Czech Republic

Delivery<br> turnkey


High quality<br> and long service life

High quality
and long service life

Modular halls of Czech production for wide use in agriculture.

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AGE multifunctional halls


Are you planning to start your own broiler, aviary, or pig farm? Then you will certainly need an agricultural shed. These can be useful not only as poultry and pig barns but also as hay barns or for storing grain and other agricultural commodities.


AGE's modular prefabricated sheds are a proprietary product of AGE s.r.o. They are used on livestock farms, where they are particularly suitable as poultry houses, for example for fattening broilers, aviary breeding of laying hens, turkey breeding, or for pig breeding. They can also serve as storage sheds with various uses - grain, hay, straw, egg, packaging, etc. They are available with or without cladding, with or without thermal insulation.

We design agricultural sheds from A to Z, always taking into account the specific location, altitude, or snow load, so that it meets the requirements of the statics as well as the customer's requirements. Poultry and pig houses are equipped with technologies from leading European suppliers.

  • steel construction with PIR panel cladding
  • Galvanization of the structure increases the service life of the building
  • dimensions according to customer requirements
  • trapezoidal roof structure
  • Washable inner jacket for quick and easy maintenance
  • The whole concept delivers easy and fast construction
  • the interior space of the hall can be structured according to customer requirements
  • supply of stall technology according to customer's choice

Our agricultural halls excel in thermal insulation and fire resistance

The construction of the hall is hot-dip galvanized steel using PIR panels, which, unlike more traditional PUR panels, have higher fire resistance. Another advantage is their very good thermal insulation, which helps to maintain an optimal microclimate inside the hall. The floor is made of polished concrete with mineral infill, which significantly reduces its abrasion when the hall is removed.

AGE halls are beneficial not only in terms of the high level of welfare they provide for the animals but also in terms of energy consumption and better biosecurity compliance thanks to the wider cleaning and disinfection options. They are characterized by a fast financial return due to cost savings.


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Width of the hall - according to customer requirements
Hall length - standard module multiple of 4.5 m. Can be adjusted according to customer requirements


Roof covering - trapezoidal roof sheet or roof panel
Soffit - standard 100 mm PIR sandwich panel (heat transfer coefficient
Uc=0,22 W/m2K). Can be adapted according to customer's requirement


Walls - standard sandwich PIR panel 80 mm (heat transfer coefficient Uc=0,27 W/m2K). Can be adjusted according to customer's requirement
Doors, gates - swing or sectional doors with dimensions according to customer's requirements

Other uses of halls

Halls can be used for example as grain, hay, straw storage, egg storage, packaging, workshops, shelters, etc. 
Custom manufacturing of steel structures according to customer requirements

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