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FirstFarms Agra M s.r.o., Malacky, 2021 - 2022

FirstFarms Agra M s.r.o., Malacky, 2021 - 2022


FirstFarms Agra M s.r.o., Malacky, 2021 - 2022

Delivered technologies

BROCK silo with a total capacity of 13,000 t, SKANDIA conveyors with an output of 150 t/h, receiving baskets with a total length of 46 m, GEBR.RUBERG RVS 150 purifier, the most economical STELA dryer in BiTurbo version, 5x dispatch bins with strain gauge weighing

Start of construction works - October 2021

  • 2x receiving bins of 28.5 m and 17.5 m length, each with a transport capacity of 150 t/h.
  • Chain conveyors and basket elevators of the Swedish manufacturer SKANDIA, top of the line Hard with a capacity of 150 t/hour.
  • GEBR.RUBERG RVS 150, German all-metal screen cleaner with automatic inlet dosing control, pre-treatment/cleaning capacity 150 t/hr.
  • German dryer STELA MDB - XN 1/16 SB - the most economical dryer design in BiTurbo version, 2x MAXON gas burner with 2 x 2700 kW. Drying capacity for wheat (from 19% to 15%) is 54 t/hr, drying capacity for corn (from 35% to 15%) is 19.2 t/hr.
  • American BROCK silo, Everest series with robust construction and 2.66" wool with all-mesh floor and roof patent EAVE VENT KIT .... for long term storage.
  • The capacity of the BROCK silos is 4x 3,040 tons + 1x 700 tons + 170 tons in wheat. All silos are equipped with thermometer cables, continuous stacking height measurement, roof anti-condensation fan as well as high pressure fans for 100% aeration of the material.
  • All 5 shipping bins are equipped with strain gauge weighing with display.
  • The entire line is controlled by PC and the whole process is displayed on the monitor in a clear process flowchart.
  • The line is equipped with a separate switch room with switchboards and a separate control room where the control PC is located and thus the main facilities for the operators.


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