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PAWLICA Bridge <br>Scale TruckScale

Scale TruckScale

Load capacity <br>up to 60 t

Load capacity
up to 60 t

Reliable<br> sensors


Easy <br>construction


The PAWLICA TruckScale road weigher is the ideal helper for farms.

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PAWLICA Bridge Scale TruckScale

PAWLICA TruckScale Road Bridge Scale for Precision Weighing

Compatible with the PAWLICA post-harvest line control system

The PAWLICA TruckScale road bridge scale is designed for accurate weighing in OIML and CSN EN 45 501 + AC commercial class, which is required in farm and commercial company operations. 

The most widely used version for farms is the recessed version, aligned with the surrounding terrain, but a ramp version is also possible. The usual size is 3 x 18 m with a weighing capacity of up to 60 t. Such a scale is fitted with six strain gauge sensors evenly distributed under the weighing bridges. The slot around the perimeter of the scale is filled with a T-shaped covering rubber, which effectively prevents the ingress of water and dirt into the space under the scale.

  • easy construction readiness and installation regardless of weather conditions
  • modular solution
  • reliable sensors
  • installation under the control of one supplier, including integration of the control system into the post-harvest line
  • commissioning and service by a certified person
  • official verification

Connection of the scale to the control system of the post-harvest line

The standard equipment of the PAWLICA TruckScale road weighbridge is the connection to the control PC of your existing post-harvest line with a weigh ticket printer, EC verification of the scale for commercial purposes, commissioning and operator training. Warranty and post-warranty service is also provided by our trained staff.

The scale can be optionally equipped with various accessories such as an external display directly at the scale, a barrier with semaphores or an intercom for driver-operator communication.

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The PAWLICA TruckScale road bridge scale consists of three main components. A structure made of precast concrete parts is used as a base, which is laid on a compacted gravel base and then welded. This solution reduces the construction work associated with the foundation of the scale to a minimum and significantly speeds up the entire installation.

The second part of the weighbridge is the weighbridge itself. This is made of a flat reinforced concrete structure guaranteeing high rigidity and stability of the system and, in addition, resistance to weathering. The 3 m wide bridge is supplied in a standard length of 9 m.

The third and most important part of the weighbridge is the strain gauge sensors. The PAWLICA TruckScale includes sensors made in the EU, which are hermetically sealed and waterproof according to IP68. The sensors meet the accuracy class III requirements of OIML and CSN 45501 for commercial weighing within the EU.

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