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STELA dryers

STELA is a German family-owned company that has been manufacturing dryers for 120 years and is a world leader in this field. The company's headquarters are located near Passau, Bavaria, in the town of Massing. Specializing only in machines for agricultural or industrial drying allows the company to concentrate its efforts on technical development and streamlining production. The range of industrial dryers includes belt dryers for sawdust, wood chips, sewage sludge, digestate, vegetables, and trough dryers for poorly bulked materials such as pumpkin seeds or seeds. The range of agricultural dryers includes mainly drop towers and mobile dryers for all grains. Stela is the only manufacturer to divide tower dryers into corn and grain dryers, as it wants to continually reduce drying costs for the dominant crops.


BROCK bins

BROCK is an American manufacturer of galvanized bins with 85 years of tradition. The BROCK brand has a reputation for the highest quality, long-lasting value, and state-of-the-art construction. It is considered a world leader in the industry. The company was founded in 1957 to supply farmers with silos for feed and grain storage. It is headquartered in Milford, Indiana. It is a member of the Chore-Time Brock (CTB) group, which supplies complete technologies from storage to poultry and swine fattening and egg production. The group has an annual turnover of over USD 1 trillion and is traded on the US stock exchange.


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