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Grain silo BIN

Grain silo BIN

Capacity <br>from 10 t to 1 500 t

from 10 t to 1 500 t

High quality<br> processing

High quality

Reliable <br>ventilation


Thanks to the simple design of the BIN grain silo
it is possible to build a 500 tonne silo in just a few days!

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Grain silo BIN

Quality silos for every farm

Galvanized grain silos from the Polish manufacturer BIN are an excellent choice for storing harvested grain in smaller and medium-capacity silos. It is a cylindrical prefabricated grain bin assembled from smooth, hot-dip galvanized steel sheets of Finnish production. The individual silo plates are connected by high-strength bolts and the joints are sealed against the ingress of outside water. The thickness of the perimeter plates for NBIN 501 and above is uniform throughout the height of the silo, i.e. 2 mm. Internal vertical bracing is installed to secure the silo structure vertically. The roof structure of the BIN silos is robust to easily support the walkway with stacking technology and other structures necessary for convenient access for servicing, maintenance, and visual inspection of the silos.

  • capacity from 10 t to 1 500 t
  • quality design
  • perforated floor
  • emptying by augers
  • rich additional equipment
  • galvanizing 275 g/m2

Rich equipment for easy silo operation

The BIN grain silo is manufactured in a capacity range of 10 - 1,500 tonnes. The design of these silos allows for a maximum height of the cylindrical part of the silo of 13.35 m. BIN makes up for the dimensional limitations of its design by the rich basic equipment of the silo, which includes, above all, a perforated all-mesh floor (perforations for storing rape are a matter of course) laid on prefabricated concrete blocks. A comfortable and sturdy spiral staircase, an exit ladder with a protective basket, an internal ladder, a roofed staircase with handrail, and, last but not least, sufficiently large inspection and entry inspection openings in the lower part of the silo and in the roof are used for the smooth operation of the silos. All steel structures are custom-made directly from the silo manufacturer's factory, exactly according to the applicable EU standards. They fit perfectly and what's more, their design will satisfy even the most stringent H&S inspection.

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Effective ventilation in BIN silos 

Ventilation of grain silos is the basis for high-quality long-term storage of any biological material. In BIN grain silos, the air supply is provided by suitably designed, powerful radial fans of domestic manufacture. Exhaust fans are installed on the roof of the silo to exhaust the air and also act as passive ventilation under the silo roof. In the event of condensation forming under the silo roof, e.g. during rapid changes in outside temperature, an anti-condensation exhaust fan is installed on the roof to provide active ventilation of the under-roof space.

Thanks to the simple design of the BIN grain silo, it is possible to build a 500-tonne silo in a matter of days!

Roof structure: the rigid reinforced roof frame ensures high load resistance. 

Stairs: Optional spiral staircase for convenient access to inspection openings and walkways. Equipped with handrails and resting platforms. 

Inspection openings: together with other safety features, meet the requirements for smooth and safe access to the silo.

Footbridges: Wide and sturdy footbridges provide easy and safe access to conveying technology and inspection openings. The prefabricated system with self-screening. 

Roof vents: they ensure optimal airflow.

Picking auger: A time-tested design for mechanized picking of residual material. 

Cellular ventilated floor: Ensures perfect conditions for aeration. The floor is made of galvanized, formed sheets and placed on concrete blocks. The floor perforations are also in rape finish. 


Silo sizes BIN

Silo model NBIN100RU NBIN100WRU NBIN200U NBIN200WU NBIN501 NBIN1001
Volume (m3) 134 177 281 347 695 1264
Loading capacity (t) 105 139 220 271 543 986
Average (m) 5,35 5,35 6,68 6,68 8,59 11,46
Total height (m) 7,13 9,04 9,56 11,46 13,87 14,72


Model sila NBIN1001W NBIN1500N NBIN1500P NBIN1500 NBIN1500W
Volume (m3) 1640 1560 1713 2019 2325
Loading capacity (t) 1140 1217 1337 1575 1815
Average (m) 11,46 14,32 14,32 14,32 14,32
Total height (m) 16,62 12,7 13,65 15,5 17,40
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