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Grain conveyors and grain coulters <br>SKANDIA

Grain conveyors and grain coulters

Output from 40 t/h <br> to 600 t/h

Output from 40 t/h
to 600 t/h

Horizontal and <br> vertical transport

Horizontal and
vertical transport

Efficiency<br> and reliability

and reliability

SKANDIA grain conveyors can be used for any purpose within
any post-harvest line or warehouse

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SKANDIA grain conveyors


For higher outputs from 40 t/h of grain transport within the post-harvest line, we use conveyors of the leading European manufacturer SKANDIA from Sweden. Its range includes various types of redlers for horizontal transport and elevators for vertical transport. The conveyors are fully galvanized and manufactured in accordance with EU regulations. SKANDIA offers three types of conveyors in its redler and elevator range. SKANDIA grain conveyors can be used for any purpose within any post-harvest line or warehouse. In 2016, PAWLICA s.r.o. received the highest level of certification from Skandia Elevator.

  • output from 40 t/h to 600 t/h
  • horizontal and vertical transport
  • various types of conveyors
  • grain friendliness
  • Reliability
  • long service life
  • quality construction
  • easy maintenance

L-Series Farm Conveyors

The L (Lite) series grain conveyors are designed for smaller warehouses and lines with transport requirements up to 60 t/h and use mainly during harvest time. These are more like redlers and elevators for farm use with a turnover of up to 3,000 t/year.

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I-Series conveyors for agricultural operations

The medium I (Industry) range of SKANDIA grain conveyors is suitable for commercial companies with year-round operations of up to 50,000 t/year and conveyor capacity requirements of 40-150 t/h. Redlers are of a classic design, where plastic (PEHD) plates mounted on a robust, high-strength chain carry the grain in square shafts. The L and I series include stacking, picking and curved redlers with 15°, 30° and 45° elbows and inclined conveyors with high drifters that operate up to 45° inclination.

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H-Series conveyors for industrial operations

Type H (Heavy-Duty) series is designed for continuous year-round operation, e.g. in ports or rail terminals loading from 30,000 tonnes per year. Conveyors and elevators of this series are available in the capacity range 60-600 t/h. The design of the conveyors in this series is very robust and characterized by a long service life. This is mainly due to the 8 mm thick plastic linings on the contact surfaces of the elevators and on the floor of the conveyors.  The H series also offers curved conveyors with a capacity of up to 200 t/h.

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Additional equipment for SKANDIA conveyors

All SKANDIA grain conveyors use reliable and powerful NORD drives. On request, conveyors can be supplied in Ex version for explosive environments. Further optional equipment is the residue-free design of the conveyors, intermediate drops with gates opening either perpendicular to the conveyors axis or gates with a shift in the conveyors axis, which significantly saves space on the service walkway above the silos. Conveyors are equipped with limit switches to prevent motor overload and conveyor fogging. The elevators can be fitted with deflection sensors. A speed sensor, drum reversing brake, and rapeseed oil-resistant kurta are already standard equipment in PAWLICA liners.


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