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Easy installation<br> and maintenance

Easy installation
and maintenance

Automatic chain<br> tensioning system

Automatic chain
tensioning system

Horizontal and vertical<br> transport

Horizontal and vertical

Technology for grain transport within the post-harvest line.

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Nowadays, we are more and more often proposing the GRAIN PUMP from the American manufacturer HUTCHINSON in our projects for grain transport technology at silos. This very simple yet very efficient system has a number of advantages. The main ones include gentle transport, high performance, and the need for less engine power than conventional redler and elevator transport. 

A continuous grain conveying system (chain conveyor) incorporating the features of many traditional grain systems that have been on the market for a long time.

  • outputs 55 t/h, 108 t/h, 162 t/h, 270 t/h and 486 t/h
  • easy installation and maintenance
  • automatic chain tensioning system
  • horizontal and vertical transport under one or two motors
  • grain-friendly transport
  • lower investment intensity
  • power take-off with servo drive or manual operation
  • Drive elbow with Dodge engine and transmission
  • Industrial design with double chain and thicker piping
  • fast, convenient loading and unloading

Technological solution of the grain pump

The technological design of the grain pump allows considerable variability and is very simple to install. The conveyor always runs above ground, eliminating costly and complex construction work. Although it is an American technology, it is installed in the Czech Republic with Czech motors and electrical components. Another advantage is that this technology meets EU standards.

The grain pump is composed of galvanized rolled pipes, inside which plastic (polyurethane) ring drifters are attached to a robust steel chain. The system is designed to eliminate damage to the material and to convey only from inlet to outlet. It is more environmentally friendly than the conventional method of conveying, which damages the grain at the overflow points from one conveyor to another. This is proven by research carried out at Mendel University in Brno. In fact, when testing the transport of wheat, malting barley, rapeseed, and maize, no statistical damage to the grain was shown. PAWLICA s.r.o. was awarded the Grand Prix at the Techagro exhibition for this technology.

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