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BOMILL TriQ grain sorter

BOMILL TriQ grain sorter

High power

High power

Control from your phone

Control from your phone

For industrial use

For industrial use

The TriQ sorter easily and quickly sorts cores into fractions
with certified quality.

BOMILL TriQ grain sorter

TriQ grain sorter for large-scale sorting

The TriQ grain bonitation sorter is suitable for large-scale sorting. It is made of high quality standard components with a well documented history. The modular design concept guarantees high reliability, easy installation and continuous operation in industrial environments. The TriQ is ideal for mills, malting plants and silos, for example, that want to exploit the full potential of their grain.

BoMill's patented grain quality sorting technology allows each kernel in a batch of grain to be analysed and identified and the kernels to be sorted into quality certified fractions. The speed is fully compatible with industrial grain handling needs The plant features a sorting capacity of 3 to 30 tons of grain per hour.

The graphical user interface allows you to control sorting from any device with a browser installed, i.e. from a computer, tablet or even a smartphone. The user-friendly design makes training intuitive and time-saving.

  • sorting of more homogeneous malting barley with optimal malting characteristics
  • removal of kernels infected with Fusarium mould
  • output up to 30 t/h
  • sorting according to protein content into higher and lower grain fractions
  • sorting by vitreousness
  • sorting into 3 quality fractions

Increasing seed quality

Seed quality is determined by several factors such as germination and seed vigour. Seed cleaning with BoMill technology improves seed quality and allows producers to get maximum value from their production. Seed producers want to produce high quality seed at a low cost. High quality seed establishes a certain reputation and market value for producers.

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  • Dimensions (height x width x depth): 1800 x 1200 x 1750 mm
  • Weight: approx. 1000 kg
  • Number of sorting channels: 96
  • Sorting capacity: approx. 3 tonnes/hour, for barley and wheat with TKW 45 grams
  • Number of fractions to be sorted according to quality: 3
  • Grain / raw material to be processed: durum wheat / soft wheat / barley, cleaned
  • Detector: TriQ NIT detector
  • Electrical power supply: 3/PEN 50 Hz 400V AC.
  • Energy consumption: approx. 4 kWH/tonne 
  • Power input: 2.5 kW

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