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Grain pump SØBY

Grain pump SØBY

Output 60 t/h - <Br>175 t/h

Output 60 t/h -
175 t/h

Easy <Br> installation


Low wear and <Br>service requirements

Low wear and
service requirements

The SØBY SG60-SG175 grain pump is ideal for filling
and emptying floor storage and bins.

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Grain pump SØBY

Grain pump SØBY

The SØBY SG grain pump of Danish origin is a chain conveyor for grain transport consisting of a pipe inside which a high-strength chain with synthetic sleeves is placed. The pump combines horizontal and vertical conveying of grain and free-flowing materials in one machine. The SG grain pump replaces traditional conveying systems, greatly simplifying the entire project in most cases and also leading to significant savings in underground construction, electrical energy savings, and easier maintenance.

This conveyor is the ideal solution for filling and unloading silos and floor storage. In addition, a single conveyor can be used to rotate goods between silos. We offer models SG60 with 60 t/h capacity, SG100 with 100 t/h capacity, SG175 with 175 t/h capacity in dry and cleaned grain of 0.75 t/m³. Compared to the classic American design, the SØBY grain pump has several improvements.

  • fully galvanized design
  • easy installation and maintenance thanks to screwed connections
  • reverse brake
  • NORD direct drive
  • noise-proof rubber-textile sleeves
  • ideal solution for filling and unloading
  • floor storage and silos
  • slack chain sensor and inspection window

Basic equipment of the SØBY grain pump

  • Drive elbow with gear motor and drive cover
  • Drive with NORD gear (chain speed 1,67 m/s) for type SG175 (1,79 m/s )
  • All elbows are made of galvanized steel with a thickness of 4 mm for the SG60 model and 5 mm for the SG100 and SG175 models and bolted together for easy maintenance.
  • Bottom elbow with adjustable feet and inspection window
  • Tensioning elbow with adjustable feet and tensioning device with weight
  • Chain type = 81X SG60 / 81XHH SG100
  • Reverse brake
  • Guide pulley speed sensor
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