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Brock stiffened hopper bins

Brock stiffened hopper bins

Volume range<br> from 80-2 760t

Volume range
from 80-2 760t

Aeration for<br> rapeseed or grain

Aeration for
rapeseed or grain

Diameter <br>4,6 to 12,8m

4,6 to 12,8m

Quality bins for short-term
grain storage

Brock stiffened hopper bins

Quality bins for short-term storage

The BROCK conical hopper silos are also based on the design principles of the EVEREST. As a result, they meet the Eurocode specifications and as such do not require additional calculations for the European market. These bins are designed for short-term storage, such as pre-storage before the drying process. They can also act as handling bins in a variety of processes. The cone hopper can also be fitted with a ventilation system suitable for the storage of rapeseed and other small seeds.

  • angle of the hopper 45°, 50° and 60° depending on the diameter
  • aeration for rape or grain    
  • gravity side discharge
  • diameter 4.6 to 12.8m
  • capacity from 80 to 2 760 t
  • meet Eurocode specifications

Optional power equipment

  • roof platform with railing on top of the silo
  • roof staircase
  • internal ladder
  • external ladder with protective cage
  • ventilation of the cone hopper
  • gravity side discharge
  • Eave Vent Kit option
  • anti-condensation exhaust fan
  • thermometer cables to sense the temperature inside the silo
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Technical data sheet

BROCK force sizes with a conical hopper

Average (m) 4,6/45° 4,6/60° 5,5/45° 5,5/60°
Volume (m3) 97–268 105-250 146–449 158–443
Total height (m) 8,95–19,52 10,36–19,30 9,68–22,69 11,43–23,62


Average (m) 6,4/45° 6,4/60° 7,3/45° 8,2/40°
Volume (m3) 205–618 227–640 277–817 354–1037
Total height (m) 10,41–23,42 12,47–25,47 11,14–24,14 11,24–24,24


Average (m) 9,1/40° 9,1/50° 11,0/40° 11,0/50°
Volume (m3) 450–1346 485–1329 682–1897 737–1952
Total height (m) 11,89–25,71 13,61–26,62 13,13–26,13 14,90–27,90


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