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RVS Aspirators

  • capacity 60 t/h - 300 t/h
  • thorough cleaning and pre-cleaning of cereals and grain
  • world leader in malting barley
  • maximum dust level -  10 mg/m3
  • quick sieve replacement
  • circular movement of sieves
  • long service life
  • low maintenance requirements


RVS Aspirators

The RVS cleaners boast robust construction and reliable performance, which makes them ideal for post-harvest lines receiving the product from the field or from the accumulation silos. They provide air pre-cleaning of input material as well as subsequent air cleaning of the output material. They are simple to set up and checked through the inspection window enabling the operator to have the best control over the ongoing cleaning.

The RVS cleaners are equipped with an automatic loading regulation, based on sensors of lower and upper levels indicating loading, which always assessing the flap position. This solution ensures a machine is used up to its maximum capacity. The cleaners contain air recirculation system inside the air pre-cleaning unit. To reduce the dust level they can be fitted with fabric sleeve filters and achieve a maximum dust level of 10 mg/m3 only, also thanks to low air flow at the outlet.

The RVS cleaners offer a unique construction of the sieve unit with a stable tilt of 3 ° and a circular movement. While conventional cleaners with reciprocation movement use only the middle part of the sieves for cleaning, Gebr. Ruberg cleaners use the whole surface of the sieves due to its circular motion. Under the sieves there are rubber balls, which ensure their continuous cleaning. The circular motion and 100% utilization of the cleaning surfaces ensure that each grain on the sieve will be tested and distributed accordingly. The sieves are located in different levels, which make the cleaners achieve capacity of up to 300 t/h at reasonable layout dimensions.

The cleaners are equipped with coarse grain sieves, fine grain sieves and sand sieves, separating even sand particles very effectively. They are therefore suitable for businesses producing fodder mixes. Gebr. Ruberg cleaners are intended for pre-cleaning and cleaning of cereals and grain. The material is divided into four main fractions – quality 1, quality 2 (fragments without sand), overflow over the coarse grain sieve and the dust. The last two fractions, overflow and dust, are grouped together in the dust chamber. These fractions can be grouped or divided very quickly due to the manual or pneumatic flaps.



Čistička obilí RVS
Čistička obilí RVS
Čistička obilí RVS
Čistička obilí RVS
Čistička obilí RVS

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