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MDB Dryers

  • unlimited capacity
  • low consumption of the heating medium
  • low energy consumption
  • service life up to 50 years
  • operation reliability
  • active or passive recovery option
  • flexible modular construction

Stationary Corn Dryers

Grain drying is an ideal preservation method, necessary for corn, sunflower seed and rape seed storage. It is scientifically proven that drying with STELA technology is grain-friendly, causing no harm or reduction of germinability.

The dryer is made of hardened aluminium with an absolute resistance to corrosion. The final STELA solution is always tailor-made – the customer is offered several options of heating, ventilation, heat recovery, dust and noise control, and automatic moisture regulation. All types of dryers are controlled by SIEMENS industrial automatic machine and a keyboard according to the data on the screen.

STELA products are well-known for their high performance and a service life of up to 50 years. The quality of this technology is also confirmed by the number of installations in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Poland, which has reached nearly 300 over the past sixteen years.

MDB (Mais Durchlauf Breit) is intended for corn drying. These dryers operate with record low power consumption. Corn dryers are equipped with two fans for active heat recovery. Due to the pneumatically controlled interval discharge and differentiation of the shaft workspace they are able to dry wet corn of up to 35% of moisture in one cycle. Performance series and individual equipment of STELA dryers vary greatly, so it is up to the customers what performance and what equipment they choose. MDB dryers can also be used for other grain drying.


  • gas, oil or LPG burner, fluid heat exchanger
  • direct or indirect heating
  • external ladder
  • secondary air flaps
  • pockets for small rapeseed capture
  • axial and radial fan
  • fire protection system, fire extinguishing system, temperature monitoring
  • insulation of hot, cold and central chamber
  • dust control
  • dust separator
  • noise filter
  • touch screen panel
  • control and check remote access

MDB models

Type Unit Performance  While drying Note
MDB-TN 1/4 S  t.h-1   3,3  from 35% to 15%  corn
MDB-TN 1/7 S  t.h-1  5,6   from 35% to 15%  corn
MDB-XN 1/7 S  t.h-1  8,4   from 35% to 15%  corn
MDB-XN 2/12  t.h-1  28,8   from 35% to 15%  corn

Documents to Download

MDB Dryer En. (pdf 23MB)

Stela BiTurbo brochure

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