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ZEA, a. s., Hostěradice, 2003-2017, 2021

ZEA, a. s., Hostěradice, 2003-2017, 2021


ZEA, a. s., Hostěradice, 2003-2017, 2021

Technologies supplied

Stage 2003 - 2013

Maize dryer STELA MDB-TN 3/12 SU
Maize dryer STELA MDB-XN 2/17 SU
BROCK grain silo with a capacity of 92 320 t
Grain cleaning machine 3x TAS 204A-4

Stage 2017
Receiving basket with an output of 250 t/h
6 BROCK storage silos with cone hopper, each with a capacity of 1,050 t
SKANDIA Heavy Duty conveyors, JE-MA, HUTCHINSON grain pump
GEBR. RUBERG RVS 240 grain cleaner with an output of 240 t/h

Stage 2021
Expansion of the warehouse by 17 204 t in BROCK Everest silos: 2x E-05433 - diameter 16.46 m, h= 31.15 m, V=5 951 m3, i.e. 4 642 t / 1x E-07231 - diameter 21.95 m, h= 31.00 m, V=10 155 m3, i.e. 7 921 t
The silos are equipped with a full-grid floor, Eave Vent Kit system, and side gravity outlets.
The connection to the 2017 stage is connected to a 250 tph intake basket.
The silos will be equipped with a SOBY SG175 grain pump with an output of 175 t/h and picking cutters from the same manufacturer
Points of interest:
27 silos with gravity discharge, including six cone silos
1st installation of a large capacity SØBY SG175 pump with new cutters in our country with such a large capacity

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