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Maize dryer <br>STELA MDB

Maize dryer

unlimited <br>power


low consumption of<br> heating medium

low consumption of
heating medium

service life <br>up to 50 years

service life
up to 50 years

The STELA MDB range of dryers is designed for maize drying,
which operate with record low energy consumption

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Maize dryer STELA MDB


The drying of grain, including the drying of maize, is the most sophisticated preservation method, which is essential for the storage of maize, sunflower, and rape. It has been scientifically proven that drying maize with STELA is gentle on the grain so that there is no damage to the grain and no reduction in germination.

The MDB (Mais Durchlauf Breit) range of dryers is designed for drying maize. These dryers operate with record low energy consumption and can be equipped with two fans for active heat recovery. Thanks to the pneumatically controlled impact discharge and the differentiation of the working space of the shaft, they can dry wet corn with up to 35% moisture in one pass. The performance ranges and equipment of the individual STELA dryers are very wide and it is up to the customer to choose which performance and in which equipment. MDB dryers can also be used to dry grain.

The advantages of the STELA dryer include, in addition to its high performance, a physical lifetime of up to 50 years. The quality of these corn dryers is confirmed by the number of installations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland, which has approached 300 units in the company's history.

  • unlimited power
  • low consumption of heating medium
  • low energy consumption
  • lifetime up to 50 years
  • reliability of operation
  • from a certain size onwards, the possibility of active recuperation
  • flexible modular design
  • gentle on dried grain

The STELA MDB dryer assembly is always optional

The STELA MDB dryer is made of hardened aluminum, which is absolutely resistant to corrosion. The STELA assembly is always optional, offering the customer several options for heating, air handling, heat recovery, dust and noise reduction, and automatic humidity control.

All types of dryers are controlled by a Siemens industrial automatic machine and with keypad control according to the data shown on the display.

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At the bottom of the drying tower, there is a massive base with an emptying device on which the individual elements of the drying tower are mounted. At the very top is the filling hopper. The hot air chamber is adjacent to one side of the tower and the outlet air chamber is adjacent to the other side. The emptying device is of the grate type with a pneumatic actuator. The tower element is a passage box filled with air-handling equipment - ducts for inlet and outlet of drying or cooling air. Ambient fresh air is drawn into the hot air chamber at the bottom through the entrance louvers, which are then heated by a room gas burner (natural gas, LPG). Alternatively, the dryer can be equipped with a combustion chamber with a monoblock LTO burner (direct, indirect heating). An exhaust fan is connected to the outlet air chamber, which can be equipped with a dust limiter or silencer. The active recovery system includes an additional fan at the bottom of the drying tower, which then forms an airtight sealed unit. 

How MDB dryers work

Grain is fed into the dryer tower's filling hopper (at the top) and its descent is controlled by the frequency of the emptying device's grate opening intervals. The dryer is kept full by a fill monitor which switches the supply paths. By descending in the tower, the grain is washed by the drying air and cooled by the ambient air below. The air supply is provided by an exhaust fan that draws in both hot air from the heater and ambient air for cooling. A recirculation fan pumps the drying medium from the outlet to the inlet. This process is controlled by a central computer unit. An additional feature of MDB dryers is automatic humidity control. 

Your investment in a STELA dryer will be quickly recouped!

It is known from experience that Stela-Laxhuber dryers excel in low energy consumption and that the specific fuel costs are low for drying 1 t at 1% moisture. We know from practice that if you use a Stela dryer for drying maize and partly for drying rapeseed and grain, the payback period for the investment is 2 - 4 years.

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Power table of STELA MDB dryers

Type Units Power In drying Note
MDB-TN 1/4 S  t.h-1 3,3 from 35% to 15% Maize
MDB-TN 1/7 S  t.h-1 5,6 from 35% to 15% Maize
MDB-XN 1/7 S t.h-1 8,4 from 35% to 15% Maize
MDB-XN 2/12  t.h-1 28,8 from 35% to 15%  Maize


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