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RVS grain cleaner

RVS grain cleaner

Output 40 t/h <br>up to 300 t/h

Output 40 t/h
up to 300 t/h

Precision cleaning of <br>cereals and oilseeds

Precision cleaning of
cereals and oilseeds

World leader in the field of <br>malting barley

World leader in the field of
malting barley

Thanks to their robust design and reliable performance, RVS grain cleaners are ideal for field intake lines or storage silos.

RVS grain cleaner

RVS grain cleaners for high performance sorting

RVS grain cleaners are ideal for post-harvest lines thanks to their robust design and reliable performance. They provide air pre-cleaning of the input material first and optional air cleaning of the output material. Simple set-up and physical control via an inspection window allows the operator to ensure the best control of the cleaning process.

  • output 40 t/h to 300 t/h
  • precise cleaning and pre-cleaning of cereals and grains
  • world leader in malting barley
  • maximum dust content up to 10 mg/m3 with filter
  • quick change of screens
  • the circular movement of screens
  • long service life
  • low service requirements

Cleaners with emission levels up to 10 mg/m3

The RVS model is basically equipped with a recirculation aspiration chamber at the material inlet, from which only 10% of the airflow is extracted. This ensures a low level of outlet emissions of VOCs to air.

Combined with an automatic dosing system and a suitable screen composition, optimum filling of the scrubber is ensured for highly efficient screening on the main and sand screens. The machine is equipped with a number of inspection holes for quick checking of the final cleaning process. Integrated flaps allow the operator to adjust the number of final fractions in a very simple way. 

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The RVS grain cleaners are equipped with automatic filling control based on sensing the filling level with upper and lower level sensors, which always evaluate the position of the flap. This solution guarantees maximum use of the machine's performance. The purifiers have recirculation of the purifying air inside the air pre-cleaner. To reduce dust, they can be equipped with textile sleeve filters and thus achieve a maximum dust level of up to 10 mg/m3 even with a small airflow at the outlet.

Thanks to the circular motion, the entire surface area of the screens is used for cleaning

The RVS grain cleaners offer a unique sieve housing design with a stable 3° sieve inclination and circular motion. Compared to conventional straight-motion cleaners, where only the central part of the sieves is used for active cleaning work, the circular movement of the GEBR. RUBERG grain cleaners make use of the entire sieve area. The rubber balls under the sieves ensure continuous cleaning of the sieves. The circular motion and 100% utilization of the cleaning area guarantee that every grain is tested and separated on the sieves. The placement of the screens in tiers allows for a throughput of up to 300 mph in the tiered design while maintaining reasonable layout dimensions.
The RVS screens have pre-screens, main screens, and sand screens which are very effective in separating even sand particles. They are therefore also suitable for compound feed plants. The GEBR. RUBERG cleaners are used for pre-cleaning and main cleaning of grain and cereals. 

The cleaned grain is divided into four fractions

The cleaned material is divided into four basic fractions: quality 1, quality 2 (fractions), overflow above the pre-sieve, and dust. The last two fractions, overflow, and dust are combined in the dust chamber. These fractions can be combined or separated very quickly using manual or pneumatic flaps.

Performance table



Wheat t/h

(18%, 750 kg/m3)

Maize t/h

(35%, 750 kg/m3)

Rape t/h

(14%, 600 kg/m3)
RV40 40 30 25
RV60 60 50 30
RVS40 40 30 40
RVS60 60 50 50
RVS80 80 70 64
RVS100 100 80 85
RVS120 120 105 90
RVS150 150 135 120
RVS180 180 150 150
RVS240 250 210 180
RVS300 300 270 240


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