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RV Aspirators

  • capacity 40 t/h - 60 t/h
  • cleaning air recirculation
  • low wear, tear and maintenance requirements
  • automatic loading regulation 

RV Aspirators

The RV sieve cleaners are used for pre-cleaning and cleaning of cereals and grain, such as rape, corn, wheat and barley. They boast robust construction and reliable performance which makes them ideal for post-harvest lines. The product to be cleaned comes from the field or from the accumulation silos.

Light dust particles are removed by thorough air pre-cleaning of input material, and even subsequently by air cleaning of outlet material. The operator is able to check and control the cleaning process easily though the inspection window. RV cleaners show little wear and tear and have few maintenance requirements. The sieves can be changed easily and quickly with a front entry and a split system. Thanks to all these properties they are popular with operators of post-harvest lines and storage halls.

The RV models have a coarse grain sieve and a fine grain sieve, dividing the material into four main fractions – quality 1, quality 2 (fragments), overflow over the coarse grain sieve and the dust. Overflow and dust are grouped together in the dust chamber. The cleaners have a system of automatic loading regulation and a cleaning air recirculation.

While conventional cleaners with back-forward movement use only the middle part of the sieves for cleaning, Gebr. Ruberg cleaners use the whole surface of the sieves thanks to the circular motion. Under the sieves there are rubber balls ensuring their continuous cleaning. Circular motion and 100% utilization of the cleaning surfaces guarantee that each grain on the sieve will be tested and distributed accordingly.

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