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Hecto Chondrometer 0,5 l

  • sturdy construction (stainless steel)
  • easy handling
  • handy and independent from the mains
  • well arranged in a compact suitcase
  • exact measuring values
  • good reproducibility
  • up to five times quicker than conventional mechanical determinations

HECTO CHONDROMETER - Hectolitre Measuring System

A sample falls with the forerunner into the chondrometer. The contents is weighed with the plastic container on a compact digital balance. Then the determination of the hectolitre weight (kg/hl) of the single cereals is carried out by means of the correction chart. Due to the economic price this instrument is suitable especially for farmer, grain acceptance, universities and field tests.

Technical Data - Equipment supplied

Chondrometer made of stainless steel
Cut off slide
Plastic container
Digital balance
Correction chart for wheat, rye, barley and oat.
suitcase (425x340x115 mm)
weight (w. carrying case): 4,5 kg

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