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PFEUFFER laboratory instruments

PFEUFFER laboratory instruments

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PFEUFFER instruments for various laboratory measurements of cereals

Automatic seed fillers Measurement of hectolitre weight
PFEUFFER laboratory instruments

Seed counters

The PFEUFFER seed counters are used to determine the weight per thousand seed grains and to prepare germination tests. It offers users fast calculations and highly accurate results.

Automatic seed fillers

PFEUFFER automatic seed fillers are additional devices to seed counters. They can fill seeds into jars or paper or plastic bags.

Measurement of hectolitre weight

If you are a farmer, you will appreciate these handy portable devices for measuring the hectolitre weight of cereals. PFEUFFER instruments are characterised by their ease of use and high quality design.

Measurement of malt brittleness

This product from PFEUFFER allows the determination of malt brittleness immediately after production or before use. The method for determining the degree of malt brittleness corresponds to the International Method (IM).

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