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ZD Unčovice, Unčovice, 2018, 2022

ZD Unčovice, Unčovice, 2018, 2022


ZD Unčovice, Unčovice, 2018, 2022

Technologies supplied

  • Receiving basket 12 x 4 m
  • SKANDIA INDUSTRY conveyors with a capacity of 150 t/h
  • Grain cleaning machine GEBR. RUBERG with an output of 150 t/h
  • 4 BROCK EVEREST grain silos, each with a capacity of 2,649 m3
  • Total storage capacity 10 596 m3
  • In season, the line can receive up to 1000 t of barley per 8-hour shift

Stage II

  • Increase of storage capacity by 6,871 m3 in three new BROCK silos, which are connected to the existing line in a modular design using Swedish SKANDIA conveyors in the Industry version.
  • The intake speed is the same as for the existing line, i.e. 150 t/h in wheat and 132 t/h in barley.
  • Line management and operation process maintained,
  • The warehouse with a total capacity of 13,650 t of wheat and 11,500 t of barley can still be operated by only one silosman per shift.

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