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Mobile maize dryer <br>STELA MUF

Mobile maize dryer

fast <br>installation


mobile<br> machine


efficient<br> drying of maize

drying of maize

The STELA MUF mobile dryers with a capacity of up to 150 t/day ensure efficient
drying of maize on farms even without a post-harvest line.

Mobile maize dryer STELA MUF

The ideal solution for businesses without a post-harvest line

The STELA MUF range of mobile dryers is designed primarily for drying maize, sunflower and rapeseed. It is the ideal solution for farmers and farms without a post-harvest line. MUF dryers can work directly in the field or in the farm yard. The low consumption of heating medium makes MUF dryers close to tower stationary dryers. The advantage is also a quick return on investment! STELA MUF dryer models offer a corn drying capacity of 45 to 150 t/day.

  • quick installation
  • no building permit required
  • possibility to change location
  • easy operation 
  • acoustic and light announcement of the end of the drying
  • MultiTerm automatic temperature control
  • tensometric humidity monitoring
  • quality drying without damaging the grain
  • made of hardened aluminium
  • a lifetime of over 30 years
  • a continuous dusting of the conveyor during the entire drying process - only the flakes are removed and the grain halves remain in the material
  • suitable for drying maize, rapeseed, sunflower 

How the STELA MUF mobile dryers work

Filling the dryer with grain via the infeed hopper can be done with a front loader or conveyor. After filling, the drying process is programmed and then runs fully automatically for several hours, drying in batches. At the selected speed, the grain circulates in the dryer and is exposed to a flow of drying air, first at a high temperature, in a second phase at a lower temperature. This is followed by a phase of cooling the charge with ambient air and shutting down the process. The dryer is then emptied either onto a conveyor or the floor for further handling with a front loader using a conventional rake conveyor. The record low consumption of heating medium makes MUF dryers close to tower stationary dryers. The advantage is also the fast return on investment!

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The working area of the STELA MUF (Mais Umlauf Fahrbar) is formed by a vertical shaft between the outer and inner perforated wall, with the drying air permeating the material layer across. The drying layer of the material is 0.5 m and the perforation of the wall makes it possible to dry even small rapeseed. The whole plant is mounted on a single-axle chassis. The two drying shafts are equipped with turnstiles at the bottom and belted with a rake conveyor. There is a spacious intake hopper at the front and a fan and air heater on the other side.  The drying shafts have walls made of longitudinally perforated sheet metal. Between the shafts, there is an inlet air chamber into which a sub-pipe from the fan enters. The fan is positioned 'flat' and a cylindrical direct air heater is connected to the inlet. 

Equipment of STELA MUF dryers


  • acoustic and light indication of the end of the drying
  • MultiTerm automatic temperature control
  • tensometric humidity monitoring

Power table of STELA MUF dryers

Type  Dryers Units Power In drying
MUF  45 t za 24h 45  from 35% to 15%
MUF  70 t za 24h 70  from 35% to 15%
MUF  110 t za 24h 110  from 35% to 15%

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