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AGRO – Měřín, a.s, Stránecká Zhoř, 2023

AGRO – Měřín, a.s, Stránecká Zhoř, 2023


AGRO – Měřín, a.s, Stránecká Zhoř, 2023

Technologies supplied

  • 4 Brock Everest E 06011 silos with a silo diameter of 18.3m, 4x 2746 m3, and a total capacity of 11 thousand m3
  • Incoming covered box - receiving 60 t/hr
  • Swedish Skandia conveyors of the Industry series - with a capacity of 60 t/hr.
  • The forwarding bins are equipped with strain gauge weighing for a better overview of the removal with a capacity of 2x 42 m3
  • GEBR.RUBERG RUV 100 pre-cleaner
  • The automatic system is controlled via a large format PC screen with a line diagram.
  • The line is equipped with a fully furnished air-conditioned headquarters, including toilet and dressing room facilities

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