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Grain dryer STELA GDB

Grain dryer STELA GDB

high <br>drying capacity

drying capacity

low <br>energy consumption

energy consumption

kindness<br> to the grain

to the grain

For cereal drying we supply STELA GDB dryers
offering unlimited performance

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Grain dryer STELA GDB


The STELA GDB (Getreide Durchlauf Breit) range of dryers is designed for drying grain as the main commodity and offers unlimited performance. They are assembled to the customer's specifications from ready-made components. The working organs are adapted to the cereals and therefore differ from corn dryers mainly in the arrangement and shape of the drying channels, the layer of dried material and also the high fan power. The latter is also necessary for efficient cooling during the hot weather of the grain harvest. GDB grain dryers can also dry maize, but not as efficiently.

  • high reliability of operation
  • unlimited power 
  • low consumption of heating medium
  • long service life thanks to the design of the drying unit made of hardened aluminium
  • Drying of grain, sunflower, soybean and corn
  • passive or active recovery

Dryers with active or passive heat recovery

Grain dryers are divided into single-tower models according to their capacity and two, three, and four-tower models for high capacities. For air heating, a direct heater or heat exchanger is chosen, for dedusting a restrictor or a centrifugal separator.

STELA GDB dryers can be equipped with passive or active heat recovery, partial or full insulation, silencers, and any of three systems for automatic control of the outlet humidity. STELA grain dryers are supplied as standard with a SIEMENS control computer and keypad control according to the display.

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At the bottom of the drying tower, there is a massive base with an emptying device on which the individual elements of the drying tower are mounted. At the very top is the filling hopper. On one side of the tower is the hot air chamber, on the other side is the outlet air chamber. The emptying device is of the grate type with a pneumatic servo-actuated impact opening. The tower element is a pass-through box filled with air channels for inlet and outlet of drying or cooling air. A heater (direct or heat exchanger) is integrated into the hot air chamber at the bottom, or in the case of a space gas burner, the heater is integrated directly into the chamber and the external heater is eliminated. 

An exhaust fan is connected to the outlet air chamber, which can be mounted either on the ceiling of the chamber or next to the shaft on the ground. When mounted on the ceiling, there is a direct air outlet to the surroundings or a dust limiter is fitted to the fan. The fan is placed on the floor if the dryer is equipped with a total dust extraction by means of a centrifugal separator or if noise filters are fitted. 

The grain is fed into the filling hopper of the tower (top) and its descent is controlled by the frequency of the intervals of the opening of the discharge grate. The dryer is kept full by a fill monitor which switches the supply routes. By descending in the tower, the grain is washed by the drying air and cooled by the ambient air below. Air transport is provided by an exhaust fan - it draws in both hot air from the heater and ambient air for cooling. The process is controlled by a central computer unit. Additional equipment of STELA GDB grain dryers is automatic humidity control. 

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