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IQ grain quality sorter

  • remove fusarium affected kernels
  • sort according to vitreousness
  • sort according to protein into fractions of high and low protein kernels
  • generate more homogeneous malting barley for optimum malting characteristics

IQ quality sorter

BoMill’s patented grain quality sorting technology makes it possible to identify, analyze and sort each individual kernel in a batch of grain. The IQ grain quality sorter is a laboratory machine with the capacity to analyze each kernel using NIT and sort them in accordance with their chemical composition.

The capacity of the IQ grain quality sorter is 1000 kernels/min. Durum wheat, wheat, and barley are the standard crops and each crop has its specific singulator.

The IQ grain quality sorter can be used by plant breeders when looking for specific traits as protein, hardness, starch etc. It can also be used for improving the seed by sorting out diseased or infested kernels in order to have a sound and healthy lot of seeds used for propagation or official tests.
The IQ grain quality sorter is ideal for the grain research lab or a product development lab in a flour mill or malt house, where it in an easy and small scale way can verify the possibilities when doing a large scale sorting with the TriQ quality sorting technology.


• Electrical power supply: 110 / 230 V
• Internet / Ethernet connection to control PC, (not included)
• Dimensions (height x width x depth): approx. 1220 x 860 x 620 mm,
  4´ 0”1/32 x 2´ 9”55/64 x 2´ 0”13/32
• Weight: approx. 150 kg
• Diameter of singulator: 550 mm
• Number of sorting channels: 1
• Sorting capacity: approx. 1000 kernels per minute, based on
  barley and wheat
• Number of sorted quality fractions: 6
• Detector: TriQ NIT detector



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