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RUV Pre-cleaners

  • capacity  100 t/h - 600 t/h
  • 4 air ventilation versions
  • emissions max. 10 mg/m3 of air
  • 4.5 metres long single-sieve model
  • rotation movement of the sieves
  • the possibility to change sieves and to adjust the outlet zones using flaps
  • ideal for high capacity pre-cleaning and final cleaning at expedition

RUV Pre-cleaners

Universal RUV pre-cleaners increase the effectiveness of not only the pre-cleaning process, but also the final cleaning of cereals, pulses and granular products. They are equipped with one sieve with change-over flaps. At the beginning of the process it is possible to use high performance pre-cleaning programme and then the sieves can be changed to carry out the final fine cleaning prior to shipping of the product. Their major advantage is considerable adaptability to a wide range of materials, high capacity and resistance.

The system of automatically or manually operated distribution flaps of RUV pre-cleaners distributes the material into individual sieve sections (3 pieces at every level). Adequate ventilation system together with the regulation of quantity and pressure of air enable the pre-cleaner to cope with more humid materials containing significant amount of impurities. The aspiration system at the inlet and outlet cascades ensures the required product purity.

The manually adjustable distribution flaps allow you to sort the material into four fractions: quality 1, quality 2 (fragments without sand), overflow over the coarse grain sieve and the dust. The overflow and dust fractions are grouped together in the dust chamber. Using manual or pneumatic flaps they can be quickly grouped or divided. There are four air cleaning systems to choose from. The flow cleaning mode at the inlet and outlet and a recirculation cleaning mode at the inlet and outlet. The recirculation cleaning reduces the energy consumption and the amount of exhaust air. To reduce the dust level at the outlet a cyclone in combination with a sluice have been installed.

For extreme dust reduction a fabric filter can be used to filter the exhaust air up to 2 mg/m3.




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