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Sample Spear PFEUFFER

  • Easy handling
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easily decomposable
  • Outlet opening in the handle
  • Low weight
  • Length: 1.5  m respectively 2  m
  • Sample: about 600 g respectively 800 g

Mechanical sample spear Pfeuffer can be used in all possible storage places of cereals and pellets, like granaries, storage halls, trucks, railway waggons and similar.

Taking of a sample

Insert the closed sampler into the bulk goods. Open the chambers by a single turn of the handle and  afterwards turn it back again. The specially shaped openings avoid  a cutting of the grains. The original percentage of broken corns will not be increased. The sampler consists of two anodized aluminium tubes and can be cleaned easily by drawing them apart.


Mechanical samplers are used for obtaining average samples.They allow the sampling up to a depth of  2 m.


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