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  • No Grinding
  • Fully Automatic
  • Integrated Printer
  • High Precision*
  • Easy Handling
  • Big Sample Volume


Fully automatic moisture meter made for Seed Production, Grain Trade and Stores, Warehouses, Malting and Feed Plants.

Measurement principle

The Granomat is according to the international technical recommendations of the OIML (Organization for approved measuring); It belongs to category A, class II.

The Granomat measures the capacity (dielectric constant) of the whole grain sample. It determines the moisture of the product as well as the bulk density (specific weight) of the whole corn. Grinding of the sample is not necessary. The Granomat can test all cereals, legumes, oil seeds, maize and malt. The memory stores up to 100 different calibrations. The sample volume is 600 ml.

Fully automatic measurement

The measurement is fully automatic. The user puts the sample into the funnel of the Granomat, chooses the requested product and presses the key MEASURE. The input of a sample identification is also possible. The Granomat fills the measurement cell automatically. This guarantees a constant bulk density. The stripping device removes the grains which are not necessary for the measurement and provides for a constant volume. The measurement of the capacity, weight and temperature of the sample is carried out within a couple of seconds. These three parameters have an influence on the result. The measurement cell is discharged and the sample falls into the drawer and can be used for further analysis. The Granomat indicates the measured product moisture, the bulk density (expressed in kg/hl) and the temperature of the sample and prints the results by means of the integrated printer.


Two serial and a parallel interface for the connection to an external printer or to a PC are integrated into the instrument. The Grano-mat carries out a self-test automatically and checks its accuracy by means of the measurement of internal comparative capacities after switching on. It is sturdy and maintenance-free. The modular construction guarantees a high ease of servicing.

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