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Jesma Throughput Weigher

  • specially designed for in-line weighing of bulk materials such as powders, granulates and grain
  • suitable for handling high flow rates
  • accuracies better than 0.1%
  • capacity 12 - 900 m3/h
  • optimum reliability

JesIntake - Throughput scale for intake- and out loading of bulk materials

The Jesma programme of intake-out loading scales is specially designed for in-line weighing of bulk materials such as powders and granulates with focus on operational reliability and accuracy.
The JesIntake is a suitable for handling high flow rates, and is available with accuracies better than 0.1%. Based on the high accuracy and optimum reliability the scale is available in trade approved versions according to MID, OIML R107 and R61, Class 0.2 and 0.5.


The scale consists of a fully electronic weigh bin and pre-bin with individual slide sections. The weigh bin and pre-bin are mounted in a strong and rigid dust-tight frame. The frame is supplied with easily removable covers to allow easy access to vital parts for service and maintenance.
The pneumatically operated slide sections and high slide angles in the bins ensure the optimum emptying of the bins and the high flow rate capacities. 

To maximize the operational reliability the weigher is equipped with elastomeric bearings. The elastomeric bearings compensates for any unbalance during operation, and the fully electronic weighing system with modern filtration technology ensures a quick rest time to achieve the highest possible flow rate and accuracy. All electrical installations are mounted in a dust tight cabinet.

In standard versions the JesIntake is supplied with the following components:

• Pre-bin with pneumatically operated outlet slides and inductive switches
• Pre-bin with flanged connection for feeding system
• Weigh bin with fully electronic weighing system and pneumatically operated outlet slides
• Depending on size the weigh bin is suspended in 2 or 3 load cells with vibration dampers
• Dust covered weigh bin and pre-bin and removable covers, with rubber sealing, to allow easy access for service and maintenance
• Connection branch for aspiration
• Electrical and air connection placed on the inside of the frame
• Solenoid valves and fittings, mounted in a connection box

Weight control

To control the weighing process - weight control units which are specially designed for portion weighing with gross/net indications are being used.
Jesma offer different solutions according to individual customer requirements. The weighing result may be read in the display or printed with indication of date and

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