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BTL Dryers

  • state-of-the-art construction of belt dryers
  • plastic belt
  • automatic drying and moisture regulation
  • automatic cleaning
  • constructed for capacity of 8,000 hours/year
  • drying with waste heat – water, vapour
  • capacity  1 - 20 t/h
  • simpler design than BT series
  • biogas stations, lower volumes of electricity production


BTL Dryer

The new BTL dryer series (Band Trockner Lichte) represents a cheaper and easier solution for industrial belt dryers. It is ideal for using waste heat from biogas stations. The BTL dryer is suitable for drying various materials, such as digestate, sawdust, wood chips, sewage sludge, grain solubles, bentonite or agricultural products such as cereals, corn, alfalfa, beet chips, and the like. The principle of belt drying corresponds to the temperatures which can be obtained from co-generation units or production, i.e. 60-120 ° C, and to the character of drying at low temperature with fast air flow. The drying process takes place in an enclosed drying tunnel on a plastic belt made of woven poly-amide. This special belt can withstand temperatures up to 140 ° C. Thanks to the high density of its weaving very fine powdery materials can be dried. The belt serves as a natural filter and guarantees a low concentration of dust emissions.

BTL belt dryers are constructed for the capacity of 8,000 hours/year and can even work in extreme weather conditions. Drying is controlled by the belt speed and capacity regulation of the fan. Dryers are equipped with high-quality monitoring system and they meet requirements for automatic mode of operation. Output moisture is monitored and it is thus possible to reach accurate values for subsequent granulation or any other form of treatment. Belt dryers are the only solution to achieve an even drying process with a guaranteed output moisture.








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