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  • high capacity
  • fuel and hot air consumption lower by 15 %
  • two-phase drying
  • no damage to the grain
  • possibility to regulate temperature in the upper and lower section
  • BiTurbo and Combi Air Clean technologies

BiTurbo – even cheaper corn drying technology!

Nowadays it is possible to dry the corn even cheaper than before, thanks to a new BiTurbo drying technology, introduced by STELA last year. The new generation of dryers uses entirely new elements whose benefits are a significant reduction in heat consumption and less damage to the grain during drying process. The dryer uses two combustion burners, where each can be set to a different temperature. There is thus a two-stage drying in which it is possible to significantly regulate the amount of heat and thus save a lot of money.

The tower of a dryer is divided into two parts with different drying temperatures. Combustion burners are installed in a way to ensure optimal drying inside the drying channels. While very wet grain is dried at temperatures between 90 and 120°C in the upper part, final drying takes place in the lower part at much higher temperatures (130-150°C). As corn is dried gradually, there is no damage to the grain and a considerable amount of energy is saved. If the corn is not so wet, it is possible to use only one burner, the lower one, while the upper part can be warmed up only.

Each of the two sections of the BiTurbo dryer has its own fan and uses different type of air. The upper part is heated by a mixture of fresh outdoor air and hot air from the lower drying section. This air mixture goes through the upper section with wet material and then it is discharged out of the drying tower, because it is not suitable for further recovery due to the high water content. At the lower section the fresh air is mixed with used air, again saving some energy. Another innovation ensuring efficient drying is the Combi-Air-Clean dust separation system. Both the BiTurbo and the Combi-Air-Clean technologies can boast very low emissions and significant gas and electricity consumption savings.

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sušička kukuřice STELA BITURBO
sušička kukuřice STELA BITURBO
sušička kukuřice STELA BITURBO


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