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Service of post-harvest <br> technologies

Service of post-harvest

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service team

Fast delivery<br> of spare parts

Fast delivery
of spare parts

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service inspections

We provide standard warranty and after-warranty service for all our products.

PRE-SEASON DRYER INSPECTION Off-season tour of the line Servis 24
Service of post-harvest technologies

Service team and service manager

We are well aware of the importance of warranty and after-sales service for our customers. That's why we are constantly expanding our service team and our services. We service STELA dryers with our own certified service technicians or contract workers, who are located throughout the country so that service intervention can be carried out as quickly as possible.

We provide warranty and out-of-warranty service for all our products. We have common spare parts in stock in Prague in our 1 000 m2 warehouse and production hall in Ruzyně. Other spare parts are ordered from manufacturers by express air transport with delivery within 24 hours.

Please report all service requests to our service manager via e-mail or contact form on our website.

In the event of a breakdown, the mobile phone number +420 720 948 813 can be used. 

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Pre-season dryer inspection

For STELA dryers, conveyor technology, purifiers and other installed machines, we offer a "pre-season" and "post-season" inspection service, including revisions of electrical and gas appliances. All service interventions under this service are carried out by certified technicians. In the case of the pre-season inspection, this involves a one-day inspection of the Stela dryer, its adjustment and the removal of minor defects that can be repaired on site. If more serious faults are found, further action is arranged directly with the service technician. At the end of the inspection, a report is issued indicating the service status and recommended measures for the following season.

For detailed contract wording, please send us an enquiry via the contact form. If a service has been arranged, the technician will contact you by telephone prior to the inspection to arrange a suitable appointment.

PAWLICA Ltd also organises dryer training every year. 

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Off-season tour of the line

As part of our off-season inspections, which take place between February and March, we offer a complete inspection of post-harvest lines and warehouses. The off-season inspection lasts a maximum of 4 hours, during which time minor faults can be rectified on site. At the end of the inspection, a report is issued indicating the service status and recommended actions. Repairs resulting from the inspection are then offered individually for solution at a pre-arranged time, including the supply of spare parts. 

The purpose of off-season inspections is to avoid hectic repairs and service interventions during the season. We want to encourage customers to take the time to adjust, clean and prepare their machines for the season before the harvest actually starts. 

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Servis 24

This service is arranged for the harvest season and is used to immediately solve any problems that may arise on the STELA dryer. The Service 24 contract can be concluded in writing just before the start of the season. Sužba will ensure that from the time a fault is reported, it will be dealt with as a priority so that the fault is rectified within 24 hours or - in the case of a more serious fault - a resolution procedure is initiated that allows the fault to be rectified as quickly as possible. A major fault will be rectified as soon as possible. However, in such serious cases, the time to remedy the fault may exceed 24 hours.

For the delivery of spare parts, if the customer agrees, we organize express transport, even by air. The customer will only be charged for the costs of the carrier, the costs of arranging the entire operation are included in the price. For dryers under warranty, transport and the cost of spare parts are not charged.

Service 24 includes 24-hour on-call maintenance and priority resolution (a service technician will interrupt normal operations to focus on your problem). This priority also applies to multiple breakdowns in a season.

For detailed contract wording, please send us an inquiry via the contact form. 

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