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ZP Červenka a.s., Červenka u Litovle, 2018

ZP Červenka a.s., Červenka u Litovle, 2018


ZP Červenka a.s., Červenka u Litovle, 2018

Technologies supplied

The harvesting line is equipped with a fully passable PAWLICA receiving basket, which is located directly in the hall of the compound feed production plant and is designed for both receiving from the combine harvester and for additional feeding of commodities from the intermediate area of the hall warehouse.

  • The line is equipped with Swedish SKANDIA Industry series conveyors in 60 t/h version.
  • The intake is supplemented by an automatic RVS60 scrubber, which is located directly on the unusable waste chamber - to save space and make the waste storage more efficient.
  • The post-harvest line is further complemented by American BROCK silos with all-grid aerated floor. The silos have a capacity of 2x 1000 tonnes of wheat.
  • Filling and unloading of the BROCK grain silos is provided by an American Hutchinson 6-inch diameter grain pump.

The center is owned by the Agricultural Enterprise Cervenka, which is primarily engaged in livestock production and pig breeding. The post-harvest line, completed in 2019, is part of the compound feed production facility, and commodities are stored in our PL throughout the year and are removed sequentially for compound feed production.

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