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ZZN Pelhřimov a.s. got a post-harvest line in 19 weeks!

In the České Budějovice region, where the storage capacity of agricultural commodities had been lacking for a long time, our company implemented a complete post-harvest line for ZZN Pelhřimov a.s.

Storage capacity for ZZN Pelhřimov a.s.

In the České Budějovice region, where there was a long-standing lack of storage capacity for agricultural commodities, our company implemented a complete post-harvest line for ZZN Pelhřimov a.s. It provided storage capacity in eight American BROCK EVEREST silos with a total capacity of 13,815 t of commodities.

This project has been in the planning for five years since the company purchased the land and resolved the problem of groundwater running on the site so as not to disturb it. The implementation was slowed down by the covid period and the subsequent rise in input prices. In April this year, a tender was finally issued and the decision was taken for implementation. The storage capacity will greatly help regional farmers to store their commodities and will solve the problem in relation to the 2024 harvest. "We were lucky in the tender, as more companies applied," noted Ing. Zdeněk Kubiska, Chairman of the Board of Directors, who introduced the ceremony. He also mentioned that the contractor of the lower part of the construction was Agrostav Jihlava, which had a deadline for completion of the construction on June 23 and met it. The construction was prepared and handed over to PAWLICA s.r.o., the winner of the tender, the technology supplier. "We didn't believe it would make it to the end of October either," Mr Kubiska mentioned. In the end, however, both the construction company and PAWLICA met their deadlines, and "I have to thank them very much for the work they did here. And as far as the budget is concerned, they also kept everything", added the chairman and he was able to inaugurate the new line.

Over 300 installations of the STELA group PAWLICA

On behalf of our company PAWLICA spoke and thanked Ing. Petr Pawlica MBA, and noted that "this building is our maximum, it is our modern and complete delivery of a grain storage facility".

He thanked the designers who adapted the project to our technology. The dominant feature is the American Brock silos, whose interesting feature is the embedded 100% perforated floor referred to as TRICOR, in this case for canola, to minimize losses. The silos have a smooth roof with no holes. Where ventilation is around the perimeter of each silo which adds to the longevity of the silos. The line is equipped with conveyors of the Swedish brand SKANDIA with a 100 t/h capacity of the Heavy-duty series. Two German Gebr.Ruberg Cleaners for pre-cleaning and final cleaning, as cleaners, and a German STELA dryer which became the next installation within the Pawlica Czech-Slovak-Polish group, whose number exceeded 300

19 weeks of implementation!

Pawlica, the company's managing director, also highlighted the record realization. The entire assembly of the line took only 19 weeks! For this, we would like to thank Ing. Ondřej Bucher, the manager of the whole project. The deadlines were precisely met and kept.

Apart from the technology, which is the best that the world has to offer at the moment, the fact that everything is managed by computer is very beneficial, just having a small and quality team here. It is a fact that the operator is key on every line. At the same time, there is also room for a potential second phase, "it's ready for further expansion of storage capacity," added the PAWLICA managing director.

Delivered technologies

  • 8x storage silos BROCK Everest series E-04220, ø 12,8 m, h=19,9 m and total volume 13.815 t
  • 1x BROCK storage tank, ø 6.4 m, h=20.2 m
  • 32x power cable, 4 pcs/silo
  • Dryer STELA GDB-TN 1/9-S (9 deck design primarily for cereals, but can also dry corn)
  • Conveyors Skandia H-100/h, there are double paths, this allows a capacity of 200 t/h
  • Grain cleaner GEBR.RUBERG RVS 100
  • Grain pre-cleaner GEBR.RUBERG RUV 100 - V2
  • 4x dispatch hopper, 4.0 x 4.0 m, h= 8.7 m (on customer's request, the waste is collected in an underpass hopper, two first hoppers with 60° hopper and two dispatch hoppers with 45° hopper, which are in the rear part) The hoppers are in closed design, i.e. dust-free. Filled by chain conveyor. The dispatch hopper is of the standardised design with 42 m3, i.e. 33 t of wheat 29 t of barley.
  • 2x receiving bins in a residue-free design each receiving bin can hold up to 75 t of commodity in wheat or maize
  • Fire protection system
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