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This year's title of Postharvest Line of the Year belongs again to Moravia!

PAWLICA s.r.o., AGROCHEMA, cooperative and V-STAV A, spol. s r.o. Celebrated together the new Harvesting Line of the year 2023! Congratulations!

Opening of the new PAWLICA post-harvest line in the village of Valeč

In October this year, more than 150 people, our partners, clients, or friends from the industry and their loved ones, accepted the invitation to inaugurate the newly elected Harvest Line of the Year. Given the time of year, we also dedicated this occasion to the celebration of the Harvest Festival. We highlighted the whole day with a small evening celebration of the 25th anniversary of our company PAWLICA, where our long-term suppliers of the best technologies our industry has to offer came to join us.

It was and is a great honor for us to partner with brands such as Stela Laxhuber, Skandia Elevator, and Gebr. Ruberg has lasted since the beginning of our company and continues to deepen. Together we had the opportunity to celebrate this at an evening gathering at the Dalešický brewery, the location of the movie Postřižin.

The title of the best post-harvest line of 2023 was awarded this year to AGROCHEMA, a cooperative in the Valeč centre

The line is located in the beautiful surroundings of southwest Moravia, on the border of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands and South Moravia. Currently the cooperative farms 4 400 ha of agricultural land, of which 4 200 ha are arable. Crop production in the cooperative is influenced by the existing natural conditions and marketing opportunities. The most important crops are cereals, represented mainly by winter wheat and winter barley. They also produce winter rape, poppy, and fodder crops.

When planning the construction of the new line, the investor Mr Ing. František Komárek, the chairman of the board of directors, decided on our company, thanks to the references that our company has built in South Moravia. Moravia has long been the successful territory where we operate and we are very happy about that.

The most economical corn dryer STELA MDB

Before the opening of the new line, our guests had the opportunity to get acquainted with the largest Stela MDB dryer in Europe - XN 4/20 SB, which was built by the nearby ZEA a.s. Hostěradice of Mr. Ing. Pevný, who was also our esteemed guest.

It is the most economical corn drying plant STELA MDB - XN 4/20 SB with a capacity of 1440 t of corn per day with a drying rate of 33% to 15%. The dryer has an integrated cooler that ensures a maximum outlet material temperature of 20°C. This solution saves overflows of dried material in transport routes and also saves energy.

Our aim is to keep moving forward and improving our implementations. We hope that this line will be simply "perfect" for the investor, will run smoothly, will be full every year and will bring profits.

We wish you the satisfaction that moves us forward

Good luck to you

Pawlica team

Thanks for your cooperation: Designer - Ing. Jakub Tuháček, Supplier of steel structures - AGE s.r.o., Electrical installation - AT Com plus, a.s., Construction manager - Václav Bouz, Contractor of the lower construction - V-STAV A, spol. s r.o., Building permit - Ing. Josef Matoušek, Silo manufacturer - BROCK GRAIN SYSTEMS, Dryer manufacturer - Stela Laxhuber GmbH, Conveyors - Skandia Elevator AB, Purifiers - Gebr.Ruberg

Delivered technologies

  • Grain pre-cleaner Gebr.Ruberg RUV 200
  • Grain cleaner RVS 120 also Gebr.Ruberg.
  • 2x accumulation silo EH 18314 with a volume of 2x 297 m3
  • 6x Brock Everest E-05421 silos with a volume of 6x 3900 m3 with Skandia KTIS 18/25 rotary discharge conveyors with a capacity of 60 t/h.
  • 4x dispatch hopper KS 30 with a volume of 4x 42 m3.
  • German dryer Stela GDB - XN 1/7-S
  • Skandia Heavy Duty 120 t/h power series conveyors
  • Skandia KTH 30/33 residue-free redler with a capacity of 80 t/h,
  • SØBY ST 205 screw conveyor

Complete steel structures supplied by AGE s.r.o.

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