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They prepared for weather problems

In the last issue of the magazine ZEMĚDĚLEC we published an article about the construction of the post-harvest line in ÚSOV. How did the whole project go?

Úsovsko Concern farms 14,730 ha, almost exclusively in the Olomouc Region. Of this area, 6110 hectares are in the ecological regime, which represents almost 42% of the total farmed area of the concern. 8,500 hectares of arable land are under conventional farming. In addition to other production and commercial activities, they have 222 hectares of orchards and run a large livestock operation. The enterprise employs approximately 700 people. They are currently building a new post-harvest line and grain storage facilities in Úsov.

Up to now, they have been using 13 300 tonnes of indoor storage space for grain storage, and the equipment used for cleaning and drying is mostly from the 1980s. Several reasons led them to build new storage facilities. Ing. Milek points out that the capacity of the new drying and the post-harvesting line is larger than that of the existing facility, so they will be prepared for problematic weather developments. Miloš Klíma, director of the crop production division, adds that they had to have part of the harvest dried in the services, which brings increased costs. "Thanks to the new line, the produce is harvested on time, can be dried, and stored for the medium term. Pests and crop fouling are eliminated. We can speed up and shorten the harvest by perhaps up to six days because we can harvest the cereals slightly wetter, around 14-16%, and dry them with this powerful technology," he summarised the advantages of the new line. He added that the total storage capacity of the silos is 12,000t and all of them are equipped with full-floor ventilation with perforated floors. PAWLICA s.r.o. was chosen for the turnkey implementation...

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