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The mutual cooperation between PAWLICA s.r.o. and AGE s.r.o. works!

With the new year comes new projects! The mutual synergy of our companies has resulted in the implementation of an investment in pig breeding for ZD Unčovice

PAWLICA s.r.o. general contractor of the investment for ZD Unčovice

In 2019, our company PAWLICA s.r.o. it has expanded its business activities by acquiring AGE s.r.o. into the field of livestock production. The company is a long-standing supplier of complex stable technologies for poultry and pig breeding. It successfully implements the construction of modern equipped halls "turnkey" or supplies individual systems to existing plants at the customer's request. AGE s.r.o. also has its modern robotic production of steel halls, production of pig pens, and several other technological products for agriculture.

Our long-term customer ZD Unčovice, for whom we have previously implemented a two-stage complete post-harvest line in Unčovice and Náklo, approached us with a request to expand the pig fattening at the Rozvadovice center. ZD Unčovice has a closed herd turnover in livestock production and pig production. Their efforts have thus become a need to expand their existing fattening pigs by another 1984 pig.

In 2020, the investor ordered design and engineering work from us, including the delivery of a building permit. As this is a complex and complicated livestock operation, it took a long 2.5 years to process the building permit! In the end, we were successful and our company became the contractor for this pig farming investment.

Last autumn 2023, the investor approved the investment in the construction of a set of buildings and a stall for fattening pigs for a total of 1984 pigs, including the supply of technology.

References ZD Unčovice

The entire investment consists of:

  • Pig fattening building
  • Pumping tank building
  • Above ground covered slurry tank
  • 5 silos for storage and preparation of ROXELL feed mixtures
  • Surrounding paved areas
  • Rainwater storage tank
  • Stormwater detention basin

The main building of the fattening house, measuring 30.8 x 60.45 m, is constructed with a galvanized steel structure, which is AGE s.r.o.'s construction. The structure is sheathed with PIR panels to achieve the necessary insulation parameters. The drainage of the halls will be under-grid, with channels draining into an overflowing sump and from there pumped into an accumulating above-ground roofed slurry pit.

Halls for customized pig breeding

Technologies supplied

AGE s.r.o. supplies complete technologies for pig fattening. The technology of housing, watering, feeding, heating, high-pressure cooling and central ventilation.

Specifically, the house will be equipped with an air ventilation duct in conjunction with the most advanced water-based biological scrubber on the market, the INNO+ version of Porcus HighCube, which prevents odors from entering the surroundings of the fattening house.

Animal welfare will be ensured by the state-of-the-art Blu'Hox feeding system, which will be supplied by Roxell Discaflex and Multiflex conveyors.

The pigs will be organized in 10 sections of 8 pens each. The organization of the pens uses barrier elements which AGE s.r.o. manufactures itself in its production plant.


The state-of-the-art AGE-VENT PIGS control unit takes care of safety and appropriate increments. This unit is a proprietary product of AGE s.r.o. and was awarded the Gold Medal at ANIMAL TECH 2023. The unit will provide ventilation, feeding, power, and lighting in the pig section. It brings a new approach to the management of stables divided into multiple compartments. A single control unit can manage up to twelve sections of a stall. The setup covers the entire turn, the operator effectively does not have to intervene in the ventilation control, eliminating human error.

We are the general contractor on this project and are leveraging AGE's 30 years of experience in this field.

We are pleased to be involved in the implementation of this pig farming investment, which will start in the second half of March!

PAWLICA and the AGE team


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