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Post-harvest line of 2021

Thursday 16.9. was a festive day when we opened and handed over the new post-harvest line PAWLICA to the company ÚSOVSKO a.s. in the Olomouc region.

At the same time, on the occasion of the Open Day, this particular implementation was announced as the Postharvest Line of the Year 2021! The construction project started at the turn of 2021 and was inaugurated on this day, less than three-quarters of a year later.

The entire implementation includes the construction of galvanized American BROCK Everest series grain silos, which are placed in a linear arrangement for easier organization and serviceability of the entire line. The line in Úsov is equipped with a residue-free receiving basket and 150 t/hour roads in connection with a German GEBR.RUBERG cleaning plant. Another of the supplied technologies is the drying line, which is also dominated by German technology - a continuous dryer STELA in GDB design. The entire post-harvest line is controlled from a central operator's control room using state-of-the-art controls, where the operator starts the selected program via the post-harvest line user scheme.  Receiving, cleaning, drying and other elements of the post-harvest line, therefore, operate fully automatically. In principle, only one silosman will be able to operate the post-harvest line in the main harvesting area.

All visitors were able to visit the entire line during the day accompanied by our experienced managers with a guided tour. We also greatly appreciated the personal visit from representatives of Brock and Skandia Elevator, our technology supply partners.

We wish ÚSOVSKO a.s. every success and are proud to have been part of this venture.

A report from the whole festive day will be published on in the coming days, and we thank you for your cooperation.


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