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PAWLICA installations for large enterprises and family farms

The new grain cleaner GEBR.RUBERG top of the range RVS 60 with automatic dosing of the incoming material to the pre-screen will solve the performance problems of the family farm from Bohdalice and speed up the whole process of intake and post-harvest treatment.

Even a small customer is a big partner for us

We were approached by the owner of a small family farm, Mr. Martin Kopřiva. His family farm is located in the village of Bohdalice in the Vyškov district, which farms an area of about 450 ha. He and his family are engaged in primary crop production, growing mainly food wheat, malting barley, and oilseed rape.

In 2014, Mr. Kopřiva reconstructed the existing hall post-harvest line with conveyors and cleaner, which no longer provided the necessary performance and hampered the whole process of intake and post-harvest treatment in the main harvest.

A new grain cleaner would therefore be very useful on the farm!

To modernize and increase the cleaning performance, our project engineer proposed the GEBR.RUBERG top-of-the-range RVS 60 screen cleaner with automatic dosing of the incoming material to the pre-screen.

Thanks to their robust design and reliable performance, these German grain cleaners of the RVS series are ideal for post-harvest lines for receiving material directly from the combine harvester. They provide air pre-cleaning of the incoming material first and optional air cleaning of the outgoing material. Simple set-up and physical control via an inspection window allows the operator to ensure the best control of the cleaning process.

We have added a large capacity JEMA T40 waste conveyor with a 90° head, i.e. with the possibility of "bending", i.e. changing direction.

Our chain "farm" conveyors JEMA, made by a Danish manufacturer, are suitable for smaller companies with material transport within the post-harvest line up to 60 t/h.

Mr. Kopřiva has already installed the purifier and at the end of March we carried out a test with the material. So everything is ready for the new harvest.

Mr. Kopřiva is another of the many small and medium-sized farmers who decided to invest in high-quality German technology so that he could rely on fast and high-quality cleaning of the grain in the harvest.

Let's wish him every success!


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