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It's happening now! Modernisation of post-harvest treatment for the farm in Morice.

One of our new projects for 2024 is the modernization of post-harvest treatment and storage for the farm in Morice of the Agricultural Business Cooperative AGRISPOL.

One of our new projects is the modernization of post-harvest treatment and storage for the farm in Morice.

Our investor, the Agricultural Business Cooperative AGRISPOL, operates in the southern part of the Prostějov district and the Olomouc region. It currently manages 1,273 hectares of agricultural land and employs about 30 workers. It is in crop and livestock production with four farms: Mořice, Vrchoslavice, Pavlovice u Kojetína, and Vitčice. AGRISPOL's crop production is based on the cultivation of cereals, oilseeds, maize, sugar beet, and forage crops. Sowing practices do not change much from year to year.  Of the total area of cultivated land, wheat is the most abundant crop, on about 350 hectares, followed by barley and rape, then sweetcorn and alfalfa.

Four BROCK EVEREST silos with a total capacity of 5,134 tonnes will be built on the Morice farm.

A grain cleaner of the German brand Gebr.Ruberg RVS 60 with an output of 60 t/h. Swedish SKANDIA conveyors of Industry I-60 series performance. This medium-performance I (Industry) series of SKANDIA grain conveyors suits commercial companies with year-round operations up to 50,000 tpa and conveyor capacity requirements of 40-150 tph.


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