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Follow with us the construction of the post-harvest line in Malacky, Slovakia!

We will regularly document the construction of the five US BROCK silos with a capacity of 4x 3,040 tonnes + 1x 700 tonnes + 170 tonnes in wheat and share the entire development in the photo gallery.

For the company FirstFarms Agra M s.r.o., which manages approximately 21,000 hectares of agricultural land in Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Romania, we have started a project in the district of Malacky, Slovakia, at the end of October 2021 to build a post-harvest line, which will include American BROCK silos with a total capacity of 13,000 t, SKANDIA conveyors with an output of 150 t/h, receiving baskets with a total length of 46 m, a cleaner GEBR. RUBERG RVS 150, the most economical STELA dryer in the BiTurbo version, and five dispatch bins with strain gauge weighing.

FirstFarms grow various crops for sale and for their own use or as feed for livestock production. Although some of the subsidiaries are geographically close, there are still such large distances between the crop production business units that risk is shared, as it is relatively unlikely that all business units would be affected by drought or flooding at the same time.

We will be documenting how the entire construction of the five US BROCK silos of 4x 3,040 tonnes + 1x 700 tonnes + 170 tonnes in wheat is progressing on a regular basis and will share the entire development in our photo gallery here.

All silos will be equipped with thermometer cables, continuous stacking height measurement, roof anti-condensation fan as well as high-pressure fans for 100% aeration of the material.

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