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Field Day Kroměříž 2021

We would like to thank you for visiting our stand on the occasion of the Field Days in Kroměříž.

The field day took place on 22 June 2021 and was organized by the companies Agricultural Research Institute Kroměříž, s.r.o. and Agrotest fyto, s.r.o.

The history of these field days dates back to 2015, and we are happy to be a part of it!

During the day, you could see presentations of established trials, information about the growth and development of crops, and all the important cultivation interventions.

Then at our stand, you could learn about the services and technologies that PAWLICA Ltd and AGE Ltd offer for the construction of post-harvest lines and AGE multifunctional agricultural halls.

We hope you enjoyed your day in Kroměříž as much as our PAWLICA and AGE team did!

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