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Best Grains Storage Facility for 2022

On 21 September, on the occasion of the Open Day of the premises of the investor FirstFarms Agra M s.r.o., the complete post-harvest line PAWLICA was awarded the title "Post-harvest line of the year 2022".

Throughout this year 2022, you had the opportunity to regularly follow the progress of the construction of a new post-harvest line in Malacky, Slovakia, on our website

On 21 September, on the occasion of the Open Day at the premises of the investor FirstFarms Agra M s.r.o., this project was officially completed and the new, complete post-harvest line was successfully handed over.

"Our company Pawlica s.r.o. is an engineering company, which deals with complete supplies of agricultural technologies with the main interest in the satisfaction of customers who need and, most importantly, want to know what they are buying," said at the beginning Ing. Petr Pawlica MBA, Managing Director of the company.

At the same time Søren Nielsen, FirstFarms' RV Manager for Slovakia, who has been instrumental in the success of the entire construction, also spoke. Petr Pawlica particularly highlighted cooperation as it led to the overall quality of work, which is essential for PAWLICA.

 "Together, we have created a clever complex of technologies, designed to suit the area's conditions. We are not America, Spain, or Italy, we are in the middle of Europe, where we are faced with wet harvests, short sunny days, and fluctuating temperatures, so you need to find technologies that help you store and process what you grow in agriculture, specifically in cereals. That is precisely what we have managed to create here. "said Petr Pawlica.

The most economical drying finally in Slovakia

There is a receiving hall, untypical for PAWLICA, but standard for Slovakia, on both sides there is a receiving basket with conveyors with a total length of 46 m, which brings the material to the main tower. There are also SKANDIA conveyors with a capacity of 150 t/h and a German GEBR. RUBERG RVS 150 with a capacity of 150 t/h in grain, also an American BROCK silos with a capacity of 13 thousand tons. For Slovakia, the first installation of the most economical German dryer STELA BiTurbo. (DLG study) Another element is the installation of dispatch bins dispatching on trucks with individual strain gauges weighing 20 kg commercial tolerance. All the technical details that have been implemented here move this building towards the current "top" in post-harvest lines and make the entire post-harvest process more valuable.  Thanks to this, the complex construction of the post-harvest line in Malacky has been selected and awarded as the "POST-harvest line of the year 2022". The award was personally presented by the managing director of PAWLICA s.r.o. Ing. Petr Pawlica MBA.

Søren Nielsen commented on the specific evaluation that "thanks to this technological investment, we can sort wheat into three qualities, which has already enabled us to increase the selling price by EUR 25 per tonne from this harvest. In a total volume where we have 12 thousand tonnes stored, this is a significant amount. The fact that we can increase the value of our product has fulfilled the objective of the whole project. The same with logistics, no truck was waiting for us, everything was fast, and we managed to reduce the work by at least 4 days."

"We are very happy about the cooperation with FirstFarms Agra M s.r.o. group, which operates mainly in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Romania, this is not our first project, in the past, we have already successfully implemented the "Vlasatice project" and "Hevlin project" in the Czech Republic, which helped us a lot for this cooperation in Malacky." mentioned the managing director of the company.

The total implementation time was successful, despite all the obstacles with supplies or lack of materials, the war in Ukraine, and price instability, in 12 months. As Mr. Pawlica pointed out, "Of course, we made a commitment and since our priority was and is to have a satisfied customer, unfortunately, even with the increase in production costs, we managed to meet this goal."

Cooperation of PALWICA s.r.o. with Brock and Stela partners

The American company BROCK was represented at the Open Day by its Hungarian representative Dr. Peter Jankovics, who thanked for the invitation, introduced the BROCK silo, and pointed out that BROCK's success is always due to the excellent work of its dealers, which PAWLICA belongs. "In a situation where we are going through a massive economic crisis, it is effortless to promise something, but to keep it is more essential ", he said, recalling the importance of reliable and stable partners.

Pawlica s.r.o. as a general contractor also introduced Mr. Christoph Höfler, representative of Stela GmbH, a German manufacturer of agricultural and industrial dryers.

After thanking the customer for choosing just the Stela dryer, the most modern and efficient Biturbo model to consume gas or any medium, he appreciated the cooperation and the beautiful new complex that could be created here, even with the background of world events.

"The post-harvest line in Malacky is beautiful and better than I have ever seen in Denmark"

These were the words of FirstFarms Group CEO Anders H. Nørgaard. He also spoke about the overall development of the project, which started to take shape ten years ago with the signing of the contract with PAWLICA Ltd. in Denmark and thanked the entire team involved in the project for their fantastic work.

He also expressed the vision of the entire group, which is sustainability, and the new post-harvest line with Brock silos is one of the steps towards achieving this. With the support of efficient logistics and local food production, they believe they will be able to maintain this direction. Among the value goals, the group has set is to increase the production of healthy and quality food with respect for people and their needs, animals, and, last but not least, the environment.

We would like to thank all partners, collaborators, and the entire team involved in the implementation.


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