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A project of unique character

This February, PAWLICA s.r.o. and its partner company AGE s.r.o. launched a new and unique project. It is the construction of a hall for weighing and sampling of vehicles for the investor MORAGRO, a.s. based in Prostějov.

Modernization under full silo operation

On 12 February 2020, as part of the preparatory work, the first part of a series of technical and organizational changes aimed at speeding up and streamlining the receipt and dispatch of traded commodities was launched. The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Petr Hradil with the MORAGRO team and Ing. Ondřej Bucher, a representative of the company Pawlica, s.r.o., which is the general contractor of the construction, symbolically started the implementation of the project by carrying out a ceremonial excavation. "The project includes the construction of a new semi-covered hall where two bridge scales will be placed for automatic weighing of trucks at the entrance and exit of the site.

A continuous automatic sampler will be installed between the scales to independently take a representative sample for both the entrance and exit based on pre-selected points. The entire weighing and sampling organization will be linked to a modified in-house ERP system. Barriers, truck photography, traffic lights, and other traffic elements will operate fully automatically, without the intervention of the investor's operator. The manual operation will of course be possible." Explains project manager Ing. Ondřej Bucher and adds that the reception and dispensing operation at less exposed times will in principle be able to be operated by only one lab technician and driver.

Introduction of the investor

The primary business of MORAGRO, a.s. in Prostějov is the purchase, sale, treatment and storage of agricultural commodities, especially wheat, barley, rape, corn and rye.
The total storage capacity of the company is 75,000 tonnes of agricultural commodities. The intake capacity is 480 tonnes and the removal capacity is 350 tonnes per hour. Great emphasis is placed on the system of purchasing agricultural commodities, an activity that determines the quality of raw materials for the company's subsequent business activities.

AGE multifunctional hall

The road bridge scales are housed in a galvanised steel AGE hall. The hall is 10.5 x 24 m and the height at the crest is 9 m. It is a single-bay hall with a frame cross-bond made of welded and rolled profiles. The hall is supplied complete including trapezoidal sheets, plumbing elements, earthing, lighting in the form of LED spotlights for day and night mode, and plug-in boxes.

"AGE s.r.o. is a manufacturer of modular halls that find application in many areas.  The dimensions of the hall can be adapted to customer requirements. They are available in lengths of even more than 150 m, at widths of up to 30 m, without internal supports. Each hall is designed with regard to the specific location, altitude and snow and wind loads to meet the structural requirements. The construction of the hall is hot-dip galvanised steel using PIR panels," explains Ing. Bucher.

Accurate truck weighing

Two PAWLICA TruckScale road bridge scales were used for accurate weighing of trucks in a level design with a 3x18m dimension and a weighing capacity of 60 tonnes. The PAWLICA TruckScale road bridge weighbridge is designed for accurate weighing in OIML and CSN EN 45 501 + AC commercial class, which is required in the operation of farms and commercial companies. The weighbridges consist of a reinforced concrete precast structure in minimum concrete quality C 45/55. Precast concrete from the Austrian concrete company Kirchdorfer guarantees high rigidity and stability of the system, which also has resistance to weathering. Each PAWLICA TruckScale includes 6 GRAVEX GX1000 stainless steel strain gauges, the construction of which is hermetically sealed and waterproof with IP68 protection.

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