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High power

High power

Capacity 1000 grains/min

Capacity 1000 grains/min

Sorting into 6 fractions

Sorting into 6 fractions

With the IQ sorter you have every grain under control.


Grain sorter ideal for breeding laboratories

BoMill's patented grain quality sorting technology allows each grain to be identified, analysed and sorted. The IQ grain bonitation sorter is a laboratory machine capable of analyzing each grain using NIT technology and sorting it according to its chemical composition. The capacity of the IQ Grain Grading Machine is 1000 grains/min. Hard wheat, wheat and barley are standard crops and each crop has its own special separating disc.

  • Removal of Fusarium-infected kernels
  • sorting of more homogeneous malting barley with optimal malting characteristics
  • sorting by vitreousness
  • sorting according to protein content into higher and lower grain fractions

Cereal sorter suitable for laboratories

The IQ grain bonitation sorter is ideal for research or development laboratories in mills or malting plants, where it can easily and on a small scale verify the possibilities of performing large-scale sorting using TriQ technology.

The IQ grain bonitation sorter can be used by breeders to monitor specific traits such as hardness, protein content, starch content, etc. It is also used to obtain higher quality seed by removing damaged or infected grains to ensure a good and healthy seed lot for propagation or official testing. 

More information
  • Electrical power supply: 110 / 230 V
  • Internet / Ethernet connection to the control computer (not included)
  • Dimensions (height x width x depth): approx. 1220 x 860 x 620 mm
  • Weight: approx. 150 kg
  • Number of sorting channels: 1
  • Sorting capacity: approximately 1000 kernels per minute, for barley and wheat
  • Number of fractions sorted by quality: 6
  • Detector: TriQ NIT detector
  • Separator diameter: 550 mm

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