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Output from 100 t/h<br> to 600 t/h

Output from 100 t/h
to 600 t/h

Emissions up to 10 mg/m3<br> of air

Emissions up to 10 mg/m3
of air

4 variants<br> of air conditioning

4 variants
of air conditioning

Universal pre-cleaners GEBR. RUBERG RUV
can be used for pre-cleaning and final cleaning of grain.

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The universal grain pre-cleaner RUV increases the cost-effectiveness of the pre-cleaning process, eventually the final cleaning of cereals, legumes, and granular substrates. It is a single screen design with switching flaps. During the reception, it is possible to use the high performance in pre-cleaning and after changing the sieves, it is possible to perform the final fine cleaning before shipping. Their significant advantage is their considerable adaptability to a large range of materials and their high performance and durability.

  • output from 100 t/h to 600 t/h
  • 4 air handling variants
  • emissions up to 10 mg/m3 air with filter
  • three screens in a row with a length of 3 m
  • rotary movement of screens
  • possibility to adjust the outlets by means of integrated flaps
  • provides high pre-cleaning performance, suitable for second
  • final cleaning on dispatch

Grain sorting into up to four fractions

The RUV pre-cleaners have manually adjustable distribution valves that allow sorting the cleaned material into up to four fractions according to the sieve setting: quality 1, quality 2 (fractions), overflow over the pre-screen and dust. The overflow and dust fractions are combined in a dust chamber. By means of manual or pneumatic flaps, they can be combined or separated very quickly.

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A system of manually or automatically operated distribution valves of the RUV grain pre-cleaners feeds the cleaned material to the individual sections of the screens (3 pieces per 1 tier). The sufficiently sized air handling of these pre-cleaners, together with the air quantity control, allows handling wetter materials with a significant proportion of undesirable impurities. The air cleaning system can be selected from four variants. 

  • inlet aspiration
  • outlet aspiration
  • inlet recirculation chamber
  • Combination of inlet recirculation chamber with outlet material aspiration 

The recirculation aspiration chamber reduces energy consumption and the amount of air leaving the environment. A cyclone in combination with a turnstile is installed to reduce dust at the outlet. For extreme dust reduction, textile filtration can be used in RUV pre-cleaners with output air emissions up to 10 mg/m3. 

Power table

* Performance when the machine is fitted with coarse pre-screens only


Wheat t/h

(18%, 750 kg/m3)

Maize t/h

(35%, 750 kg/m3)

Rape t/h

(14%, 600 kg/m3)
RUV100 105 50 85
RUV200 200 100 160
RUV400 400 200 320
RUV600 600 300 480

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